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Chapter 2 - Longing For The past

All details of her mother's demand were given in strict conditions. And the plan of action started way faster than Aqua could count. Even then, it never was her intention to grant Aurelia's selfish wish, all that mattered to her was getting the job done so she could focus on her own.

As she got out of the car, her mind couldn't stop wandering to and fro.

Never had she ever thought traveling anywhere outside of Rivandia was possible. Because though Aqua was almost a thousand years old, the eras fluttering past were the only time she would experience a change within her way of living, where she'd feel like she walked right through a portal and into a brand new world.

That is all traveling was to her.

Maybe that's why a legitimate road trip to a secluded town similar to hers might've been the last thing to ever pop up in her head.

No one was there to receive her, and she made sure of it before she stepped foot out of her town. Surely, blackmailing her mother went a long way into getting her what she desired. A simple name placed on the tip of her tongue, and sent out to a fearful heart always did the job.

Her eyes shimmered at the thought.

And most definitely, never with tears.

* * *

"A free sandwich? Who am I to say no to that?" Jayden perked up, allowing his book to slip through his fingers and fall onto his bed with a soft thud. "I'll go get ready, then! Won't be long." His eyes sparkled with excitement, the smile on his face double the times brighter, which involuntarily made Allen's heart swell up.

Two days ago, Jayden had turned twenty-three.

Two days ago, five years back, Jayden had lost his mother.

Two events, years apart, occurred on the same day but demanded different emotions.

Jayden couldn't express any sort of feelings towards the second event, because her death was a part of him that he refused to remember. He ever so harshly tried to force himself not to react to it. It was pretty painful for Allen to endure his denial of the past. Because no matter how much he tries to run from it, it will eventually catch up to him.

He always wanted what was best for Jayden, and for him to not have his mother all throughout his life, wasn't how he'd expected his little family would turn out.

That's why, with all his might, he tries to fulfill all the gaps in Jayden's life. No matter how big or small. He tries to make him feel as if he still has both parents, not just one. Even if it can take its toll on him, seeing how he can sometimes be incapable of doing so, he still tries his best. And Jayden's grateful smile always made him forget, even if just for a moment, he forgets all his worries and lives on. Like the days of bearing a light soul never truly ended.

"You've gotten a little more generous, old man," Jayden joked, walking out of the bathroom with a cologne in hand.

"I try." He softly chuckled, teasing his son, "The sandwich costs a maximum of two dollars though, hope you know that."

"So expensive." Jayden smiled, following Allen into the corridors of their hotel, the automatic lock of the door reassuring him with a click before they were on their way to the gates.

Jayden admired that side of his father.

Though most of the time, Jayden can tell it's not fully genuine, he still believes his father is almost truly happy. Because even when Allen agonizes himself a lot with the thoughts of his wife, he always gives his all to move on. And that on its own makes him such a strong role model in Jayden's life. Allen tries. That's all that matters.

Deep in his thoughts, Jayden stared at the ground, while Allen's gaze focused on an Audi that slowly pulled up right ahead.

A car as prominent as a diamond in a sea of rubies, perfectly coated with a luster of navy blue, screamed an attention call for the presence of a person with great wealth.

The moment he noticed a young woman step out of the lavished vehicle, he became increasingly aware of his son's inspecting eyes upon her.

The driver rushed out to get her stuff but she casually dismissed him, and turned to them, an expectant look on her face. As if she awaited one of their guidance. And it didn't take long for Jayden to understand.

Immediately, he went to pull at her suitcase.

At that, Aqua looked up and smiled, her eyes glimmering with a sheen of mischief.

She knew exactly who her target would be.

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