Just Two Of us

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when the K-pop star meet ghost queen he falling in love. The handsome pop star who drink so much and meet car accident then he almost death but he survived because beautiful ghost queenhelped him. will he accept ghost girlfriend? is that destiny to meet eachother? please support this book and comment.

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Episode one

the sports car driving so fast , take a look inside is super handsome pop star Shan Cheng is inside.
manager calling Shan in phone where are you?
Shan Cheng replied "I'm going to club"
manager begged him,
"no you have to come back, media is everywhere don't do this to me"
Shan Cheng:
"come on I'm always working I need break
he hung up his manager phone and driving so fast so he meet suddenly accident because he saw someone standing in road.

Next day he was in news and when he opened his eyes he shocked because of his manager face is so close
Shan Cheng:
ahhh you startled me!!! move away
manager :
Shan I told you ,see what happened

then his manager show the news paper and internet everywhere about his car accident news and ditched him and roasted him so much.

Shan Cheng:
oh yeah that girl! is she okay?
manager: who?
Shan Cheng: the girl I meet last night

Shan what are you talking, you don't meet anyone last night. let's go we have to meet reporters. thankgod nothing happened to you.
Shan Cheng:
it's strange I saw someone last night!!
then they went to meet press reporters outside

Shan how you going to explain your public behaviour?
Shan Cheng:
yes I drunk and drive so fast, write whatever you want because that is true and for my fans I'm sorry and I'm okay so don't worry about me.
you all got information right? please move away now we have to go.
then they left in that crowd
in that crowd someone standing and watching everything that is that girl Shan meet last night .

Ru Bai:
he living fully himself whata arrogant one.

then Shan and that girl eyes meet, Shan is shocked and asked his manager

Shan Cheng:
is she looking at me?
manager: who?
Shan Cheng :
that girl in black dress...
there is noone shan

then Shan turned his head but there is no one.

Shan Cheng:
I saw her, where she went suddenly?

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