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Zeus yawned as he stretched his arms out wide, he smiled as he saw Hera fast asleep her head on his chest, she looked so innocent, so vulnerable. He gently placed her head beside him and got up, he had a lot to do. Zeus had dethroned his father and was now the ruler of Olympus, but he needed to find a way for each of his siblings to feel like they also got a piece of the pie or they would try to grab it from him. The thought of sharing his power did not sit well with him but he had to unless he wanted to meet the same fate as his father.

''Goodmorning sir,'' Giorgos said as Zeus pulled a chair from the dining table. ''Aren't you and your wife supposed to be having breakfast together in bed...I..I..mean it is your honeym...'', a cold stare from Zeus made Giorgos decided to serve his master in silence. Giorgos had worked at the palace for as long as he could remember. No one really knew where he came from, but there were rumors that he was an offspring of Ouronus but neither ever confirmed it. Giorgos was loyal to his masters but he knew survival came above everything. He understood that he worked for the throne, not the person sitting on it, but this time the man sitting on the throne was a stranger to him, a man that lived in the caves and comes to kill the king, his father, and marries the most beautiful of his sisters, and they bring along a child with them. No, not a abomination of a child. ''Enough,'' Zeus said as he signaled Giorgos to leave. He lacks etiquette too. Giorgos thought to himself as he reluctantly bowed his head and left the ' king' to eat his breakfast in peace.

''Is he as scary as people say he is...oh I hope not..'' Agatha said as she played with her husband's shirt. ''No, he isn't,'' said Giorgos as he irritably pushed his wife away from him. ''This is not the place nor the time woman,'' he said as he straightened the crises her dainty fingers had left on his shirt. Agatha was a beautiful woman. She had soft caramel skin, and a body any man would kill for. She had on the usual long robe that clung to her at the chest, exposing her firm, round succulent breasts, and a flowing bottom that always had a knee-long slit. Agatha was a nymph from humble beginnings, that was until Giorgos stopped her in her tracks one night as she was headed back home to Mt.Cithaeron and had his way with her. The first night was not completely consensual but she did not resist either...but how could she have resisted a man that wore such fine clothing and smelt of oregano that only the rich could afford? Life with Giorgos was not as she expected though. He wasn't the same romantic man that sweet-talked her or wrote her letters. He had changed. More often than not, he would be moody and want nothing to do with her. The nights that used to be filled with intense passion were now boring nights that she began to dread. She tried her best to make things work...she really did but a relationship can not nurture on the efforts of one person, it takes two to tango and Giorgos did not seem to be much of a dancer. Agatha did not know much about her husband, he rarely talked about himself in fact he barely talked but that did not bother Agatha as she found it hard to shut up. One thing bothered her though. Her husband seemed to be hiding something, to her, it always seemed like he had an ulterior motive, as if he were working on some grand plot. She would occasionally hear him talking to himself in the shower, but what intrigued her the most, was his box. On the morning of the first day of their marriage, the strange box got Agatha's eye. She went for it but right before she could peep at its contents, Giorgos got hold of her and pushed her away, '' Is this what I brought you here for, woman...if I ever see you touch that box...'' he stopped when he saw the fear in her eyes. The same fear that was in his daughter's eyes just before...He did not want to remember that terrible ordeal. He then gently took Agatha, cupping her face in his hands,'' I'm sorry...I shouldn't have reacted that way but my love but...don't ever touch any of my stuff again,'' he said in the most affectionate way he could. She couldn't understand why Giorgos would not let her be a part of his life, trust her and confide in her. They shared the same bed, slept in the same room, and held the same rank in the palace but their lives, their lives were separate.

''Everything is going as planned,'' Gaea said as she pushed strands of her hair from her face and tucked them behind her ear, ''soon we'll return to our home. Zeus just took care of our final obstacle, soon my sweet child, very soon you'll get your birthright and start a civilization without bloodshed or wars. Don't worry I'll get my hands dirty for you, anything to save what is left of my so-called children, but your soul must remain pure, free of hatred or greed you'll end this endless struggle for the power. You, my dear, will save us all.'' She placed the structure she was holding on her bedside table. ''Maria, I'm ready now,'' she said to her chief-maiden as she removed her robe. Maria held the robe and watched her mistress dive into what seemed like a tiny lake.
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