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He's just a child, he's not to blame. These words ran through Hera's brain more times than she could remember. It was like a voice in her head refused to let her be. This voice became louder when the monstrosity came back, Hephaestus, one of her biggest regrets. Hephaestus was the son of Hera, he was the fruit of her womb, the fruit of her seed, and hers alone. She was the only parent he would ever have, his only family and that is exactly what Hera needed someone that would love her and her alone but things did not go exactly as the goddess had planned. From the moment of his birth, Hera despised Hephaestus. She could not believe that such an atrocity came from her womb. That disgusting baby was hers. She refused to take him from the nymph that helped her give birth to him. He was not the bouncing baby boy she expected instead, he was a deformed creature with a clubfoot. Furious, Hera took the baby and threw him out of the window, off one of the highest peaks of Mt.Olympus. She had hoped the fall would put an end to the baby but alas, years later, he showed up and won the favor of Zeus and the other gods by curving out weapons for them. Even after Hephaestus returned and proved himself indispensable, Hera still could not bring herself to love him. This did not bother Hephaestus. Instead, it gave him the drive to be the best at everything he did, not to make his mother proud, but to show her she did not need him.

''Hera, they're here, quit staring into space and come welcome our guests,'' Zeus said. He was nervous. Sure he had thought of a proposal for his siblings on how they would share the rule of the world, but Hades seemed like he was going to become a problem. Zeus barely knew him but from the little he had seen, Hades was ambitious and unpredictable.''They are waiting for you in the courtroom,'' Giorgos said addressing both Hera and Zeus. Nervous? You should be, none of your siblings will let you rule over them considering you're the youngest and are not of noble upbringing.

''Welcome brothers,'' said Zeus with a forced laugh,'' I hope you have made yourselves feel at home and I would like to sta...'' ''Of course, we've made ourselves feel at home, I mean this is our home,'' Hades rudely interrupted Zeus as he picked a cheese cube from the platter,'' time is of the essence, brother, why did you call us here huh?'' he continued in a nonchalant manner, ''It is about the throne, isn't it. Little brother scared that big mean old brothers will kill him and take his title away from him? A title he clearly does not deserve as he is the youngest and well...a caveman?'' ''Shut up Hades,'' Poseidon remarked.'' I'm just messing around brother. No need to get your feathers in a bunch,'''Hades carefully withdrew. Hades was a vigorous bearded man and mostly wore pale dark robes. He was dark, morbid, and stern, at times, even unpitiful. His brother Poseidon, was a well-muscled giant, with flowing blue hair and possessed a flowing beard and a mustache. Poseidon was known to be bad-tempered, moody, and greedy. The two brothers barely talked to each other, they did not love nor hate each other, but Hades always secretly admired his brother, there was something about him that made him feel like they had kindred spirits.
''Unlike our father and grandfather, I would like to divide the universe in three. That being the earth, the sea, and the skies. It's only right for me to take the skies as I am the god of thunder and lightning, and I control the weather. Poseidon will take the seas and oceans while Hades will be the god of the underworld. I hope you all can see that I don't want to rule over you instead I want to rule with you, together, as a family'', Zeus said, hoping that his brothers would agree to his proposal. ''A family? We literally just...'' ''Shut up Hades, Zeus I have to say I'm impressed, and we can give your idea a try, the world into three divisions, who would have thought?'' Poseidon said as he took a sip of wine. ''I guess the majority must win,'' Hades said, not very satisfied with his portion of the pie, but what could he do? The only one who would have backed him up was Poseidon, but he seemed to be okay with being given scraps of his birthright.
Well, that was unexpected. Giorgos thought as he cleared the table after the Olympians had left. He expected a bit more resistance. If you want something done right you have to it yourself. He said to himself, his mind already thinking of ways to get what he wanted. What he had always wanted.
''That went well,''Hera said as she gently massaged Zeus,'' you were brilliant, absolutely brilliant my love.'' ''Let me be woman,'' Zeus said in an irritable manner as he pushed her hands away. Their marriage was not going as Hera expected, Zeus was inconsistent. That was a lot to say as they had only been married for a few hours. What have I got myself into? She asked herself as Zeus pushed her away. '' So will we live here ?'' Hera asked as she walked to the other side of the room,'' will your brothers come to stay with us ?'' She asked as she looked out through the window. ''I don't know,'' Zeus said in a rather uninterested manner. Hera looked out the window, she blinked away the tears that were trying to escape from her eyes. She thought that her being married to Zeus would make him treat her better. He always proclaimed his love for her but there was something missing. He at times treated her like she was bothering him, then at times, he'd want nothing more than to spend time with her, all of it confused her. All she wanted was for him to treat her right so that she would not have to keep second-guessing. Hera loved Zeus with every fiber of her being. She loved him so much she at times it felt like her heart could not bear it. That love came with so much joy but a lot of hurt and pain too. At times she felt like it would be best if she left him, but it was too late now, she had already said her vows and had sworn to be with him in sickness and in health, to stand at his forever, and forever for immortal beings was a long time. I don't know how long I can take this.
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