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''You've become weak,'' Giorgos said as he swerved to his right, barely dodging Hades's sword. ''I'm not weak,'' Hades said as he flung his sword toward Giorgos. The sword missed Giorgos's eye by an inch but it grazed his cheek. ''Don't let it out on me,'' Giorgos said as he wiped off the blood oozing from the right side of his face,'' let it out on the bastard that your mother risked it all to save, the bastard that is sits on the throne, your throne as you foolishly drug your worthless self to the underground ... forgotten ... oow... uh... ow.'' Giorgos continued wiping the blood from his face, '' If I were you I'd find a way to get rid of that caveman,'' '' How do you suppose we do that ?''Hades asked as he handed Giorgos a piece of cloth, '' How should I get rid of him when even my brother is backing him up huh? You know...'' '' You are afraid of your brother Poseidon Hades, your fear cripples you, my friend, your fear keeps us from getting our goal, all you need to do is to get rid of it...or whatever is causing it...friend,'' Giorgos said as he bid his 'friend' goodbye.

''How is everything going?'' ''It's going well my love, no one suspects anything, not even my stupid wife. Hades might need a little push though,'' Giorgos said as he edged closer.''He seems to have what I would call brother-phobia, Poseidon, I mean he is a giant so it m...,'' ''Poseidon... he is willing to let that caveman rule ?'' The voice interrupted Giorgos in amazement. '' Zeus thought of a way to share the universe among between his brothers, the sea, the skies and the underworld''. ''I see little caveman is smarter than we had anticipated...we underestimated him...well...too bad because despite his efforts, his kingdom will come crashing down...his crown will tumble and fall...everything and everyone he loves will be ripped from him, starting with his wife...our 'dear' queen.''

''Did you enjoy your riding, husband?'' Agatha inquired as she handed Giorgos a chalice of wine and a platter filled with cheese and bread with eggs from quail on the side. ''It was rather interesting,'' Giorgos said remembering moments of his previous encounter, the activities that took place after scheming made him feel all giddy on the inside. ''Why...what happened?'' Asked Agatha, wondering what could have happened that left her husband in such a good mood. ''Nothing that would interest you,'' said Giorgos as he dug into his meal. Agatha was an amazing cook, Giorgos had to hand it to her. He devoured the scrumptious, meaty eggs and thanked her as she took the platter away. He then took the chalice of wine and headed to his room. Giorgos lived lavishly for a butler. He lived in a mansion on one of the peeks of Mt.Olympus. His house greatly resembled the castle in which Zeus lived. The castle was built for Gaea by Ouronus back when they were madly in love with each other. They lived there happily, well for a short time, before power got into Ouronus's head and the throne started to matter to him more than his wife. But what ended their relationship was when Ouronus decided that he would lock Gaea's youngest children in Tartarus. Heartbroken, Gaea kicked Ouronus out of the castle and shortly afterward moved. The castle stayed vacant up until Giorgos occupied it and years later brought in a beautiful bride. No one knew how he came into possession of the castle, or whether Gaea had sold it to him or not, or whether she even knew about him living in it. No one ever dared asked him though.

Giorgos went straight to his box and caressed the top with his right hand. He then took it, placed it on the bed, and sat beside it. The time is near. He then took a sip of wine and savored the taste. They won't see it coming. His mind went back to when his daughter was still alive. He pictured her beautiful, long, blonde hair, her full pink lips, her bright blue eyes, and her beautiful smile. Her smile. He would have done anything to see her smile again, anything, but even that they snatched away from him. They will pay for what they did to you.

''So this is where I'll be living?''Hades inquired as he looked at as he looked around his magnificent new castle.'' I curved the throne myself and as you go to the right, take the staircase and go down the corridor is the master bedroom, it has...,'' ''Why are you making such an effort to make me comfortable?'' Hades interrupted as he looked Hephaestus in his eyes. '' I..umm...I'm just doing my job,'' Hephaestus said as he excused himself to leave. ''Don't let him know I'm behind this,'' Hephaestus could hear Zeus's words ringing in his head. He must really want his idea to work. Maybe I'll get more out of him than from them. Hades said as he walked around, impressed by what he saw. He went to his bedroom and was in aw. Hephaestus really outdid himself. The bathing pool was big with diamonds decorating the sides. You've really outdone yourself, Zeus. He unrobed himself and got into the pool. ''Aaah,'' he sighed as he felt the cold temperature of the pool made the tense muscles of his body ease. His mind went years back before what their father did what he did. He could hear the sounds of laughter. The feel of his father's embrace. You just had to ruin everything, didn't you? The memory of his father made his heart palpitate. He could feel the hatred inside him about to erupt like a volcano. Unforgivable...that's the only word he could use, to sum up, the hurt Cronus had caused them.

''Getting comfy, are you?'' Can't I have a moment of peace? That voice always made the hairs on Hades stand on edge. ''Giorgos told me about the little arrangement you and your brothers had. I hope our agreement still stands, I don't expect the scraps Zeus has given you to satisfy you. With me, you can have everything, against me...well...I don't think I have to spell it out for you.'' '' You don't have to threaten me...I know that doublecrossing you is fatal...but what exactly can you offer me that Zeus hasn't?'' '' The throne...with Zeus gone...'' '' With Zeus gone, Poseidon will sit on the throne...I...I really don't think you've thought this through...'' ''Careful Hades, I've promised you the throne and I always deliver... I prefer we work together than against each other...I can be a very strong ally but as an enemy...well...I'm formidable.'' With that the uninvited guest left, leaving Hades to his thoughts. Formidable...I don't think they understand that they need me...strike when no one expects...that's what father always said.

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