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'' And you're sure he's not wasting my time ?'' Zeus asked as Giorgos led him down one of the corridors in Tartarus. ''I have known Prometheus for a long time, I don't think he'd ask you to come all the way here if what he had to say wasn't worthwhile,'' Giorgos said, hoping he was right. ''Don't worry nephew, I don't plan on wasting your precious time,'' a husky voice said, followed by a slight cough,'' I want to offer you something that not even your father or his father had, I want to offer you, minions that will serve you, praise you, you won't rule over gods only, but you will have mortal minions that won't ever think of questioning you,'' the husky voice stopped talking waiting for his words to sink in '' How, what minions are you talking about,'' Zeus asked, highly doubting that Prometheus could measure up to his offer. '' I curved out a statue in our image, Athene breathed into it and...,'' he moved aside to show him a living being, in their likeness. '' Do they possess any gifts?'' Zeus asked, amazed by what he was seeing. ''No they are vulnerable, even more than the beasts on the surface,'' Prometheus said, glad that Zeus seemed to like it. ''So what exactly do you want in return for this generous gift?'' Zeus asked, curious as to why Prometheus was being so generous.'' All I want is for my siblings and me to be released...that and...I want us to be the keepers of Elysium...and when I say all of us I mean...I mean your father too...his body has almost rebuilt itself and I both know this place won't bind him forever,'' Prometheus said quickly as, in a nervous manner.

Prometheus had always blamed himself for ending up locked up like some miserable miscreant. Why did I side with that old fool? Prometheus was never one to stay at one place for long, he had a spirit of adventure. He liked to roam the world and would come up with ideas that he thought would change the concept of life. He envisioned a civilization of mortal creatures that were in the likeness of the gods. He would imagine them re-inventing and improving themselves. Each generation being more intelligent than the last. He could see them constructing structures using stones. Structures so tall, they could almost kiss the sky. One day, he decided to make his dreams come to life. He curved a statue using mud and clay. He made sure to be very precise and careful. There it was, beautiful and magnificent in every way. He knew he could not bring the statue to life himself, so he decided to seek help from Athene who breathed it to life. Two days after achieving his life-long dream and with them followed one problem after the other, '' I have a proposal for you,'' Giorgos told him. And from then on, his beautiful harmless statues were turned into lethal weapons.
''And why would these creatures praise me,'' Zeus asked, still eyeing the moving statue. '' Well, they'll praise all the gods as all the gods will be granting them favors. They will need us for rain, sunshine, they'll grow crops and will need us to grant them a good harvest. Those who will live exemplary lives will be granted immortal life in Elysium, the heavenly place, while those who upset us will be sent here...they shall reside in this horrible place,'' Prometheus said looking around him,'' Hades is the god of the underground...I'm sure he would take delight in torturing the immoral and the cowards,'' Prometheus said, in an uncomfortable manner. The thought of his creation being tortured in Tartarus did not sit well with him, but that was the tiny price he had to pay to get her back, he wished he could gaze at his lovely wife's eyes and caress her again. He needs to get out of that damn prison. '' And how can I be sure that Cronus won't try to usurp me, huh,'' Zeus asked, not liking the idea of his father out and about. Who knows what sort of hell he'd want to put me in through?''A usurper can not be usurped son.'' Zeus felt a chill run down his spine. The hairs on his body stood. His heart thumped so furiously, he doubted his ribcage would be able to contain it any longer. He felt as if there was something lodged in his throat that he could no longer breathe. His palms became sweaty, his throat and lip dry.''Come say hi to daddy,'' Cronus said. Zeus walked to the pit that his father was confined in. The pit was narrow but deep, it was more of an abyss. He has his mother's eyes. This was not the first time Cronus had seen his son, he had seen him numerous times. When he came back and challenged him for the throne, when he killed him, but the resemblance between him and Zeus still baffled him. He looks just like me when I was his age. ''And why again should I trust you? '' '' You shouldn't,'' Cronus said in an apathetic manner. Zeus knew his father's body would reassemble, but had he hoped it would have taken a bit longer, to give him time to find a more permanent solution.''Either way, I shall live this prison,'' Cronus said looking at the chains bounding him. Even Zeus knew that prison would not contain him much longer, better he thinks we have come to a truce than he breaks free with his one purpose being to kill me and take my throne away from me.'' Giorgos set all the titans free, my father as well, and have the chambers prepared for them as well. Tell the cooks to prepare ambrosia, today we celebrate...both generations are going to celebrate the union of our new ...our new family,'' Zeus said his eyes still looking at Prometheus. What exactly is he playing at, either way, I'll be sure to be steps ahead of him.
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