Underworld Lord's Treasure

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He is underworld's Lord Who came to Earth as a Human but still being a Monster, "Emperor of Human Underworld, The Mafia World". She was a girl as Fragile as a Delicate Flower but as Gutsy as a Honey Badger.

Fantasy / Romance
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Author's Note.

Hey readers,

I am a new author ..well I am a reader but now am also interested in writing .....so here we are....

okay, so I want to say that If you found any mistake anywhere then you are welcome to tell me.....

all the negative and positive comments are welcome.......

and it’s a humble request that please don’t copy the content ....

and last but not least, for cast you have to go to instagram..my id- @athena_roy22


. Copyright .

2021 copyright infringement. All rights reserved to Athena Roy.

It is probihited to sell, copy or/and use (even a small scene) from this book. I Athena Roy retain all the rights provided by copyright law which includes distribution, performance or creation of my work. This book is only published on wattpad, booknet, inkitt and dreame. If found somewhere esle kindly contact me through DM.


. Disclaimer .

This is just written for entertainment purpose and nothing else. Of there’s any connectin to living or dead, it’s purely coincidental and I mean no offence to anyone’s feelings. I own no picture that I use or will use in future. This book is purely fictional. And made up on my imagination. And any ind of ritual or anything like that is based on the researches i did on them, but still not all the rituals etc are researched as I stated this book is purely made on my imagination same will go with some of the rituals. If you have any queries don’t hesitate to DM me.



Athena Roy.

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