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The Undying Waltz

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When vampires revealed themselves the world fell at their feet, overnight they became celebrities and the world celebrated in their beauty and divine immortality. They used to turn humans until they stopped. They crept back to privacy, they still dazzled the world when they let donors in every few months to replace whoever left , unless they contracted you longer. Maeve needs to find the truth about the attacks happening throughout New York, but what if the only way she can is the one way she can't. She swore she would never but when answers are the only thing on her mind will she break herself to find the truth? Her heart will be tested. Will it stop beating completely? or will she live through the fight?

Fantasy / Romance
Age Rating:

Impossible decisions

Hi everyone,
I hope you enjoy this story but i have to lay out a few things first.
1. I am not an expert on vampires, I have drawn things from books I have read, movies, the story of Dracula, etc. Some otehr things I have included of my own thoughts as we all have own interpretations of different creatures. So you may come across something you disagree on, you can hate me for it but please just be respectful.
2. This is just a story, I am not promoting or approving abuse or torture or anything (which will feature at points of this story perhaps).
3. Please just enjoy, I am writing this as it is something I have wanted to do for a while but not had the confidence. So I hope you enjoy it and if not well I know to stop writing haha...
ok now that has been said, please enjoy.
here are kinda my view of the characters - their apperance. (Please do not hate me later in the story when i describe clothing styles or other characters - these are the main characters - later characters will be introduced so if something comes across as rude, discriminatory or as body-shaming - i really dont intend it to be.)
Maeve: Main female character, Long balck hair (falls to her hips), Green eyes, Her skin is quite fair and pale, She herself does not believe she is skinny but she is, and is quite healthy. She struggles with her weight however. (You will find out more later)
Emma: Her bestfriend. Red hair, blue eyes, freckled skin.
Damien: Main male character, Black hair, strking blue eyes. Pale skin. Tall, muscular, broad. Stays quiet, very distant.
Irene: Another female character, majorly featured in the story but is not a main character
Evelyn: You will find out more about this character later.
okkkkkkk now on with the story (sorry for all the info above, i just want you guys to be prepared and it makes things easier to know and kinda be able to visualis the characters now)
I scrambled for my phone as my ringtone filled my one silent apartment, finally feeling the cold screen against my skin I swiped my finger across the screen. "Hello" I said as strongly as i could, masking my morning, groggy voice. "You are late.." I swore violently as Emma's voice sounded from my phone, dripping with anger. "I am so sorry, I was up late researching-" "Vampires. I know. Just don't take too much longer, this place is creepy..." I hung up after her words and pulled on my jeans and a long sleeve shirt. Pulling on my jacket, I fished my keys from its bowl before exiting my apartment. It wasn't long before my car pulled up next to Emma's, my gaze reached the ruined building in front of me. Slipping out of my car, I locked it before finding Emma just inside the fence. "How long do we have?" I asked simply. Emma glanced at her phone. "10 minutes tops. This was the last site." I nodded and stepped forward, Emma hesitantly following me. I tied back my long hair as I walked, the smell of mold filled my senses, or was it something rotten. This was the last attack site. "They hid away, they hid for some reason but why are they attacking us. Our civilisation simply worshipped and idolised them." Emma squeaked from behind me, mumbling something under her breath. "Why attack us in our own cities." I had been investigating for a while, I never understood why our world simply fell to their knees before the vampires. They are monsters, they kill and murder. Their beauty and immortality drew everyone in but soon enough they withdrew from teh public eye and became more private. That's when the attacks began. They still don't make national news, but rather stay within cities. The world has a curfew now. To protect us they say, but from what? New York fell like the rest of the world and holds one of the most famous Vampire clans in the world, the second most famous clan is situated in London. "We should get going, this place feels creepy and boss is expecting a report." Emma said from behind me but I pushed her from my mind as I stepped forward, my stomach flipped and churned.
At first I glimpsed the hand, blood trickled down her thin fingers, her nails manicured. I snapped a photo, soon enough the rest of her body was found, a massive chuck taken from her neck, her eyes were gone, leaving dark pitts in her once beautiful face. I snapped a photo before my eyes fell to her other arm, her hand was missing, and so too was her left leg, discarded a few metres away. The blood was fresh. Emma stumbled back, as if hearing my thoughts. "Fuck!" She swore before running for her car. I couldn't help but snap another photo before running after her. My chest constricting as thoughts raced through my mind, growling filled my ears. My blood froze and my limbs locked as I saw it. Emma's yells grew more distant, it's red eyes locked onto me. I couldn't move, it was a vampire but somehow it wasn't, it was hunched, and tore apart the body in front of it like some wolf. I stepped back, trying to look away from it's blazing eyes. "Maeve!!!" I couldn't turn to find Emma, it just kept watching before it took a step, and another. Stupidly I snapped a photo, the flash took it by surprise and a roar filled the ruined building. I screamed and ran as fast as my feet could take me, Emma held open the large gate that stood between death and freedom for me. The growling grew closer and my knowledge of vampires, which I am sure is what is it is, came into mind, they are deadly fast. A scream tore from my longs as four long sharp claws racked down my back, Emma's screams mixed with mine and I threw myself the last few metres to the gate, I couldn't die here.

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