The Witch's Wolves (GxGxG)

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Addal Lovelorn is looked at as a freak in school. Bullied and isolated, only rebels and outcasts dare to befriend her. Of course, school drama is a trivial matter when demons threaten to attack and your mom goes missing. Raven Cheshire is the soon to be alpha of the Roman Pack, who have it all. Her future Luna is her childhood sweetheart, a supportive family, and Queen of her school. What can go wrong? A second mate, who she bullied all her life. An unavoidable war with another pack. And a possible mole in her own territory. Evangeline Desmond is beta and future Luna of the Roman Pack. She has a lot of room to live up to her predecessor role as Luna. Especially when her psycho ex-boyfriend plans to take her, even if he have to destroy everything she holds dear to do so. What happens when three lives are bound by a red thread? Only the moon goddess know.

Fantasy / Drama
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1. He's Here?

“One more day.” Raven sings, “Then you're all mine, Ms. Desmond.”

A much softer body pressed against my muscular frame, arms wrapped securely around my neck. Long-slim fingers playing with my short blond hair, cautiously making sure her fake nails doesn't scratch me. And slightly plump lips close to my ears, whispering sweet words that tickles my sensitive ear and heart.

I love when she says my last name like that, but then again. I love everything about Raven Cheshire.

“Say that again, Alpha.” I pinch her cheek. My voice sounding harsher than intended. I hope she doesn't become angry if I seem too aggressive today.

Instead, her smile widens making ivory skin stretch a little bit more, turning to a shade closer to red by the second. I let her cheek go and we just stare at each other for who knows how long.

Ray finally looks up and gives us a shy wave. “Hi—Raven, Evangeline.” He says sheepishly before focusing his green eyes on the floor. Despite being the school's pride as the talented and handsome quarterback, Ray is a real sweetheart.

“Oh, don't mind me standing here,” Sol says theatrically. “It's not like I have anything better to do than watching two les-hos getting it on. You may proceed with the show.” He gives a dramatic bow.

Raven rolls her eyes before stepping away from me. “Don't you have some freaky gay porn to watch at home.”

Sol's hands cover his heart as he pretends to be hurt, but the joy in his brown eyes destroyed his acting. “Ouch Rave, you have to expose me like that.”

“Whatever, it's not like it's a secret.” Raven replies before exchanging textbooks between her locker and her bag.

“Fair point. Mom took my laptop, so—”

“You mean my laptop,” Ray steps in.

“Same thing,” Sol counters.

“No—” Ray begins.

The two brothers bicker together like they do every single day. Raven and I exchange stares, knowing their arguments can last for days.

Raven claps her hand to get their attention, “Alright, so the rundown is your horny-behind was caught watching freaky porn on Ray's computer, gotcha.”

“You forgot the gay part.” I smile as Raven throws me a dirty look.

“You can never forget the gay,” Sol adds in agreement.

We talk on, as we usually do when we reach the school too early in the morning. It's Wednesday, but today felt a little different than usual. Maybe because it's close to Friday, the day we turn 18 and find our mates that almost everyone in school seems to be so energized about.

This small town is close to our pack, which has been around for centuries. We practically own the town now. With only forty percent of the population being clueless humans, who knows nothing of our existence as werewolves. This school is a reflection of the populace. The majority of staffs to the students are, in fact, werewolves.

And I will soon be their Luna, while Raven will be their Alpha. At least, that is what the matchmaker told us.

“Freak,” Raven mutters in disgust as a familiar figure walks by.

A black girl pass us with her head down. Her style was... unique with stitched mismatched clothes that somehow looks stylish. The mass of curly hair covers the side of her face while she looks down at the ground.

I frown at Raven. “I thought we talked about this. Your going to be Alpha after graduation, so you have to shape up. It's not Alpha material to bully anyone, especially humans.”

“But she is so freaking weird.” Raven whines.

“I agree with Evangeline. Addal never did anything to anyone, but you've been bullying her since you met her.” Ray says suprisingly.

Honestly, I don't think anyone was expecting him to speak up to Raven of all people. Even Raven did a double take.

“Whatever.” Raven says over her shoulder, while closing her bag. “Lets just go to class.

The day went as fast as it always go. Soon, it becomes time to leave the school, but as I escape my last class I receive a text from an unknown number.

It says, “I miss you, Evie.”

My hands tremble at the nickname. It can't be that psycho... can it?

“I missed you while I was away, but I'm back now.”

He can't...

“I hate that you were with that bitch, but don't worry Evie. I'll make them all disappear this time. I promise.”

Dear Goddess, he really is back. I have to tell the Alpha and Luna.

“Excuse me,” someone coughs.

Solomon Ingram and Ray Vance stands close by. One leaning against the locker with a smirk on his ugly mug, while the taller one stands restlessly as he tries to look anywhere but at us.

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