The Witch's Wolves (GxGxG)

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10. Witch and Wolves Pt. 2

Finally, I had control of our body. The stingy little witch never let me have fun, but tonight I'm going to let loose.

Tonight's question: what does a demon do when they are in control of their host's body?

A. Kill people

B. Seek Pleasure

C. Kill our human side


D. Revive the Anti-Christ

I like to think all of the above, but the last two can wait for another day. My wolf is hit by a stray bullet, which ticks me off. I just got this free puppy and they decided to shoot it. No wonder they aren't going to live very long with such poor manners.

I follow the horrid stench of greasy flesh to hidden humans, silently
killing them off one by one. My claws dripping in their blood. The last group, who didn't cower away were below me, looking for me or any wolves in sight but I didn't let them find me. I drop down silently before slitting two of their throats. The last one runs away from me like the others, but for some reason they never ever realize...

...that they are only prey.

I follow behind slowly, feeling like a killer from those horror films. Look, he even trips over thin air!

"Mommy!" He cries.

Is he really a hunter? I guess it doesn't matter anyway, with a swing of my hand, the Queen of Hearts would be proud with how gracefully I offed his head. The ugly thing flies in a perfect arc in the air, when his head hits the ground it ends up rolling to my feet only to be kicked away.

I walk back to my mate, she's laying on her side, body curled, hurt and something else. Moving closer, I realize one of them shot her with tranquilizers. Not enough to knock her out right away but enough to immobilize her for a while. No wonder.

"Shift, little pup. I know you can move on your own by now." I jingle tranquilizers in front of her with a crooked smile.

She glares at me, but I know the mate bond is working against her. I chuckle at the love mixed with hatred in her eyes. You'll need more than a flimsy rejection to get rid of the bond and I'm going to take advantage of it.

The dog growls but that does little to faze me. I gently kiss the tip of its nose whispering her sweet nothing infused with black magic to make my demands more tempting. Slowly, she shift back into her human form but her wolf side seems to still be in control. I wonder— never mind that.

I enjoy the view of the curvy brunette. She should have been suffering on the floor with her father when my human shot at her. Such a glorious moment amongst the chaos, but as the bullet nearly hit its mark, her other mate ran In front of her. Raven's scream when she saw her mate collapse to the ground echoes in my mind, giving me delightful shivers from her misery. The thought that her mate might die in her arms... and her father.

The naked girl in front of me had tears flowing down her beautiful face. She simply stares at me before asking, "Why."

"Why? Isn't that always the question. Why were you at my house that day? Why did my mother disappear after you visit?" The more I talk, the more my human's side burns inside me. The feeling like scorching fire that threatens to destroy my reasoning and replace it with her's, the experience is... exciting. "Why did hunters attack you after I showed up?"

"We didn't take her," the little wolf says.

I laugh at her pathetic excuse, "But you are apart of the reason." I step closer and she steps back. "Whatever you have going on with the hunters has driven my insane mother out the house." I continue to mover closer as she moves farther away. "Now, I have to clean up the mess." She moves back again to hit a tree before she can do anything, I trap her in my arms.

I whisper, "Don't worry, the wolf bane covered on the bullets were altered to not let any of you dogs die."

The wolf looks at me in surprise with Innocent eyes. How cute.

"They may not die, but they will be using the bathroom a lot tomorrow," I giggle at the disgusted look on the girl's face.

"What is your name little one?"

"Rainbow," she replies softly.

How interesting, she is more timid than her human side. I want to bully her a little. "You know I never tasted a wolf before, should we explore that now, Rainbow?"

Her eyes widen while her cheeks redden and her body shrinks more into my arms. I would have taken that response as a 'no' but the smell of lust coming from her tells me a different story.

"Wonderful," I pick her up and whisks her away from the bitter-cold outside and into a loving, warm bed.
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