The Witch's Wolves (GxGxG)

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12. Traitor, Who? Pt. 1

Goddess, what am I doing with my life?

Every second feels like I'm being pushed off my edge. First, Addal crashed into my party. Next, father and Evangeline were shot. Luckily, it was only a minor injury but the poison is slowing their recovery. Unfortunately for mom, she will never be able to use her private bathroom ever again after dad is done with it.

I really dodged a bullet, at least Evangeline didn't have diarrhea, but I can't say sporadic stomach aches are good signs either.

"What are you thinking about?" Evangeline asks.

She lays on the bed while holding a human burrito, wearing only a t-shirt and girl boxers, but why does she always look so beautiful. Then, I turn my eyes to the human burrito in disgust. This is all that bitch's fault.

"That sexy bitch's fault?" Rainbow chimes in.

"Yes—no!" I reply, as the annoying wolf makes a noise close to a dying cat. Is that supposed to be a laugh?

"Raven!" Evangeline whispers as she glares at me for being too loud. Why does she care so much about that weirdo?

"You should really stop talking out loud. That's not normal," Rainbow says.

And whose fault is that?

"It's your's, why do you think I'm telling you this," she says. As if I'm the stupid one!

At this point, I ignore her and hope she gets the message before driving me insane.

"Are you done talking to Rainbow? Will you answer my question now?" Eva rolls over and gives me a knowing look.

I feel compel to tell her, yet I can't find the words. "It's just that I—" That's good I'm getting somewhere. "I—"

Pause, I'm not going to relive the embarrassing part again. Just know I butchered the next sentence like a shy introvert in a public speaking class. I was a hot mess and angry, but thankfully Evangeline didn't seem too upset about my behavior this time. I needed a distraction.

"When are we waking that up?" I point at the freak wrapped in blankets on my bed. I'm not too fond of her on my bed, yet Eva is happy about it for some reason.

"The Luna wants to see her, so she has to stay. Plus, it would be better to bring her in a more calmer mindset. After all, you guys woke up to yourselves already mated with each other."

I feel the mark burn on my shoulder at just the mention of this morning. I don't know what to feel or think about it and maybe that's for the best. It's better to leave it alone for later. Then, a thought flies past and I look at Eva. Does she feel it too?

"Are you mates?" I ask.

"Yes," she replies breathlessly, as if she was waiting for this question. "The pull I have for her is not as developed as the one I have for you though. I'm quite curious about our situation. I've never heard about three mates before." Her clear eyes brighten at the thought of a mystery.

We don't say anything else. Tension is already high with everything going on, and I'm sure we are not the only ones.

Later, the bed squeaks and the colorful cocoon bursts open. Unfortunately, it's anything but beautiful that comes out.

"You're awake?" Eva asks the Freak in a sweet voice.

The Freak nods at the same time her stomach gurgles. We don't say anything at first, but the Freak's scrunched up face says it all. Eva gets up and hands her some bathroom supplies before throwing her into the bathroom.

Skipping the boring parts. We move downstairs to the kitchen. As I cook lunch during Eva's little talk with Addal, the door swings open.

"Move Bitches! Your king has arrived." Sol strolls in, holding Starbuck's coffees and Dunkin's donuts. A stranger in a fashionable suit strolls from behind. Handsome guy, not the team I bat for, but I'm sure any guy or girl will turn their head for a glimpse of him.

"Did you finally jump off the aromantic ship? Got tired of using old-rosy palm." I laugh at the face he was giving me.

"I am a proud aromantic not an asexual, asshole. We are friends-with-benefits, nothing less and nothing more." Sol puffs his chest as he walks over with a stick in his ass. The stranger silently smiles, slowly trailing behind.

"Where the Hell have you two been?" The Freak finally talks with a permanent scowl on her face.

"We came the fastest we could." Sol replies seriously, taking a sip from his frozen coffee. We all just stare at him as he eats, the stranger only shakes his head after stifling his laugh.

"Whatever," Addal says before stealing one of his donuts. She turns to us and says, "So what did your pack do to the traitor?"

"Traitor, who?" We ask in shock.
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