The Witch's Wolves (GxGxG)

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14. Witch and Demons Pt. 1

Everyone in the prison was confused. The traitor was dead just like that, under their nose. Raven tried to shake the man awake but Evangeline held onto her, trying to calm her down. The Luna was instructing her men to tighten security and comb through the pack for more traitors.

Only Sol, Leviathan, and me knew what's truly go on. The red string of demonic energy fading out of the man's mouth. The strong stench of sulfur and the unique scent of a certain powerful demon fills our nose.


I try to leave, but it's Sol who grabs my hand.

"Whatever you plan to do, don't do anything dumb. At least take one of us if you plan to be stupid." His hold slackens and his eyes shift in different colors, reflecting his complicated feelings.

Leviathan watches us from the back with a shallow smile still on his face, but the angry humming sound coming from his powers said something else. It's all too suffocating in here, the negative energy feeding my demon, and that was never a good sign.

"It's too stuffy in here." I gently brush off his hand before walking out, but my pacing is slower than before. I can hear them following me from behind. Everyone else preoccupied with what's in the room, but nothing important is there anymore.

"What did you do?" Leviathan asks still smiling but the demon's eyes squint in displeasure. As always, he's clever as he is ancient.

"I have the key to our problems." I hold my hand up to display the strand of demonic energy from earlier held by my own silver strand of energy.

"How?" Sol asks in wonder, he really wanted to dissect it from the look of it.

"It's a witch thing. In the past, they used it to find and capture us for summoning or whatever." Leviathan shrugs at the information he gave, but Sol seem fascinated by it.

Nerd. Not a bad thing though. He lets me copy his homework in exchange for food.

"You're going to summon the demon behind this then?" Sol asks as we enter the forest.

"Yup," I answer. "Did you call my sister, Leviathan?"

"Yes. Unfortunately, she won't be able to attend our party. It seems one of your cousins have accidentally portaled herself to a different world and needs to be rescued." He replies.

I shake my head at his words. Cases like those were not new, but she hoped her sister could come and help her.

"I guess, we'll do it ourselves." I say, drawing the summoning signs and implanting the demonic energy inside the drawing. I begin the ritual, the words not coming out naturally but with a twisted tongue in a forgotten language. "I beseech you!" The final words in English lit the circle like a campfire.

A red portal tears open above the summoning circle. The wind rushes at us for a second before pulling us into the portal.

The scene turns, and my stomach rolls in nausea. I close my eyes to put myself together before I throw up.

"Well, well, well. Look who came to pay a visit." An annoying deep voice says a little too happy for his own good.

A demon disguised as a black man in a white suit sitting in an elegant chair. Resting comfortably in a posh, little cell that looks better than a five star hotel on Earth.

"Leviathan, brother, you look well!" The bastard says with a crooked smile. Leviathan does not say anything, but glares at the demon prince, pissed at Asmodeus for interfering in his town.

"Shut up, father. You know why we are here." I reply.
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