The Witch's Wolves (GxGxG)

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16. POV Pt. 1

We wait in the living room. Eva's head rests peacefully on my shoulder. Her body semi-intertwine with mine as she sits on my lap, I can feel her warm breath on my neck. It doesn't seem so bad to have some peace during such a hectic time, but we don't feel any better.

Mom is busy being torn between pack business and Dad's recovery. It's been two days since Addal left with Sol and Leviathan. No one knows where they are. Sitting across from us in a single chair, Ray watches through the window, waiting for Sol to come home.

I'm about to say something when the door swings open—

"Surprise, bitches!" Sol comes running in like he just return from winning the gold medal at the Olympics.

Ray and Eva run to him for different reasons, while I groan at his annoying openings. Ray is beating Sol up, without his werewolf strength, as Eva holds him in a headlock while interrogating him.

When everyone calms down, Ray and Eva sit on either side of me, Sol sits in the seat where Ray waited for him.

"So," I say, "Where is the Freak?"

"Oh, she's dead," Sol says in a cheery voice.

I was ready to strangle him.

"What!" We all scream.

"You know... dead-dead, Michael Jackson dead." Sol replies, still as cheery as before.

"Shut up, Sol! Take us to where she is right now!" I reply after standing up, not finding his joke funny.

"Okay." He smiles before moving his hands. Mint green lights appear out of know where, wrapping around his hands.

Evangeline and me seem surprise at what is happening, but why is Ray so calm about this.

At the same time, Eva asks the question I also want to know. "Sol, what are y—"

CLAP, Sol claps his hands two times. The whole room flashes. Blinding me for a moment, long enough for me to close my eyes, but when I open them.

"Hello," I say into the inky abyss I find myself alone in.

"Hello," my echo answers back.

I start to walk to find my way out. I call everyone's name but no one except my echoes answer back. I was tired of everything after a while, but I keep going.

"I'm curious why do you call my name," Addal's voice speaks behind me.

I turn around and find myself back in my living room.

Addal, or maybe she's not Addal, I don't know. She looks like her, but she seems more confident. My wolf reacts to her too, but why does Rainbow seem so shy and flustered too. She makes me uncomfortable sitting in the same couch I was sitting in not long ago.

"Who are you?" I ask her.

"Who do you think I am?" She replies.

How should I reply to that?

"Let's have a history lesson, bring some perspective into the play."

"I hate history." No, I don't.

"Too bad," she says with a smirk.

For a second, my heart beats a little faster until the living room shifts to different scenes.

Two little girls, toddlers, playing outside at the park. I walk up to the little girl building a sand castle in the sand box. She was a little chubby but it match perfectly with her ugly bob haircut. The girl watches the black girl sitting next to her, who is concentration on making a house.

The scene changes. They are a little older now. The teacher asks what they want to be when they are older. Addal raise her hands and happily says, "A princess."

Then, It was my turn, my hair still in that horrible haircut. "If she's a princess, then I will be her prince." Addal seem happy with my word, but the teacher— not so much.

The scene shifts but I can still hear the echoes of their words.

"A woman cannot be a prince and they shouldn't get together." The teacher says to us.

"You're wrong," I reply, "because Addal and me will always be together."

Did I say that?

The scene shifts to recess at school. It's Valentine's day in fifth grade. I'm hiding by a wall at the playground, ready to give Addal my Valentine's gift to her. Someone asks Addal.

"Are you and Raven going out?"

"No way," She replies, "We are both girls. How can we date each other?"

Mini me shrinks back into the shadow. The box drops to the ground, leaving drops of chocolate to roll around on the ground. My face twist into a heartbreaking look. Addal and her friends leave, while I stand there alone.

The scene shifts again and again. This time the scenes are me bullying her, and at first I didn't take it seriously. It was all just childish bullying. Throwing airplanes at her, tripping her, calling her names, but then it gets serious and I realize something about myself. The scene shifts to me throwing trash on her, throwing fake blood on her during the talent show after reading the book Carrie.

I watch Addal slowly withdraw into herself from a happy girl to an empty shell. The worse scene is when I spread rumors when that was a slut and that gave the whole school a chance to bully her. That's when she snapped. We had a fight. I won but no one wanted to mess with her after that and my pack mates hated her. She was isolated and only a few people wanted anything to do with her.

The last scene is when I rejected her in the Janitor closet before everything was over and we are back in my living room.

"Who am I to you?" She asks with a smile on her face.

"You are the person I love. I'm sorry. I'm a horrible person." My tears made my vision blurry, but nothing really changed. She sits in the same place like an illusion. I try to get up but everything goes black.

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