The Witch's Wolves (GxGxG)

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18. Angel Pt. 1

Raven and Evangeline wake up on the marble floor. The whole room is white and have a certain air about it, like your mind is flying high in the clouds. A world so close to Heaven, yet it's not.

Leviathan walks to them in a white suit. The angels really like white for some reason.

"How are you feeling?" He asks.

"Like Hell," Raven replies.

The curly haired man standing behind me, snorts a laugh at her words. I give him a quick look before watching the disgruntled girls on the floor. Evangeline struggles to sober up, forcing my demon to help her. Evangeline thanks her, thinking she is me, which is not completely wrong.

I continue to watch the show in my chair around the circular table, the lower angel standing behind me walks toward them.

"Hello, my name is Georgie and I will be your guide. Welcome to the gate of Heaven." Georgie greets them with a tang of an unrefined English accent.

The two girls look at him in confusion, until their eyes land on the person behind him. Their eyes linger on me then my demon. Back and forth, until my demon decides to expel her glimmer magic, showing her demonic features to the clueless dummies. Raven's mouth drops and Evangeline's eyes pop wide open.

"You guys are acting like you've never seen a demon before," my demon giggles at her own joke.

"Well, from my understanding of human faces, they obviously have not." Georgie replies seriously.

My demon rolls her eyes. "This is why I don't like hanging out with you boring- fests. You angels can never take a joke."

Evangeline doesn't say nothing as she watches the scene, her hand silently makes a cross as if to ward off my demon. Georgie and my demon snort a laugh at Evangeline's action. Meanwhile, Raven opens her mouth to say something but soon closes and repeats. She still doesn't seem to be able to process anything.

"I'm sorry to cut everything short but can we leave this area already. The angels doesn't really like when outsiders take up space at the entrance." I say.

"Yes, it's time we move on." Georgie starts to walk, not really caring who follows.

I give the two girls a glance then follow behind. I can hear Leviathan's soft steps follow by two clumsy steps. I can hear their breathing as they watch the sight around them.

Beautiful beings disguised as different races around the world, all of them in different outfits matching their supposed culture, yet they all share those inhuman blue eyes. Those eyes stare into a deep pit at their feet, watching humanity trickle by like leaked water from a ceiling.

"Those are low level angels and what you humans like to call guardian angels, they watch over their assigned target." Leviathan explains in Georgie's place

We pass them by, none of them stop working. After all, when does a guardian angel's work ever really stop?

Soon we walk by a massive light, so blinding I had to use two sunglasses to not be annoyed. Unfortunately, this massive pain in the eyes had another effect. I can't stop smiling at its presence as it involuntarily makes you feel happy. My demon is different, the light made her grumpy, as she curses God for having such a gaudy door.

"This is the door that leads you into Heaven," Georgie finally does his job as a tour guide. "Addal, I know you are thinking something rude about me."

I do not deny nor do I confirm his words as we keep moving forward.

"Anyway, when it's your time to go to Heaven the door will reveal itself. Unfortunately, for all of you, none of you are going to Heaven." Georgie finishes.

"Thank God," my demon jokes.

Georgie smiles at that one, as expected of the dorkiest angel I have ever met.

"Is it because we're gay," Raven asks a dumb question.

"Of course not," Georgie replies. "You guys aren't from our religious region, so you won't be assigned here after death. I can definitely assure you, God loves the gay, because you guys keep the human population in-check and give him less work."

Georgie loses his smile to a frown as he distastefully thinks of humanity, "Unfortunately, humanity is so illiterate that they mistake pedophiles for gays in the bible." Georgie rambles on a little more on the stupidity of humanity until we finally reach our destination.

"And this here is our final destination, the control room." Georgie sends the confused werewolves his brightest smile before opening the door.

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