The Witch's Wolves (GxGxG)

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19. Angel Pt. 2

There are so many things I want to know but where do I start. Angels and Heaven? Demons, the Anti-Christ- what?

"So you're saying that Eva's ex might be possessed by a demon?" Raven speaks for the both of us.

We're standing in an old control room right now. Weird outdated machines and screens playing out current events that are happening on earth .

"There is no might about it." Addal's demon hugs Addal, who quietly tinkers with the machines. She doesn't spare us a look since we woke up.

I know that we don't deserve Addal's attention from all the things we did to her in the past, but that doesn't lessen the pain of being ignored.

"Vampires like to hang with us demons because we are the life of the party," Addal's demon brags. "His body could have possibly been a good fit for a body-less demon to take advantage of him. We can smell newcomers from a mile away, so he must have been an excellent host."

"The demon's possession must have amplified Judith's emotion and drove him crazy. That's why he's so obsessed with Evangeline." Addal adds on, still focusing her attention on the screen.

"Right...and who are you?" Raven asks.

"I'm Addal's demonic half split apart from my boring human side." She points at Addal, who rolls her eyes before turning her back to us. "You may call me Superior-Demonic-Excellency or Addy. Other names will be ignored." Addy says cheerfully.

"U-huh, so why are we here and how do we stop Judith?"

"You are here to play the watch and wait game." Georgie replies.

"What?" Raven and I ask together.

"We don't know what's going on. No one knows what the Raider Pack is doing or thinking right now. Judith and his hunters are somewhere out of our reach. And my mother is in the center of this mess." Addal answers.

"So. Let's go to my pack, have our trackers track them down, and let some of our scouts monitor the raiders." Raven says, her patience wearing thin.

"I'm afraid that's not an option," Leviathan replies while helping Addal with adjusting the knobs on the computer-thingy.

"Why not?" Raven says angrily.

"The pack member, who stabbed your father, was not a traitor. He was possessed by a demon. If there are demons who can possess your other members, who knows what will happen." Leviathan answer.

"We also want to keep the werewolf packs balance in check. We don't want to cause a war without having the support of the Werewolf Council." Addal adds on.

"That's why you are here. This place is where we used to watch you guys in the old days but it's been abandoned for more convenient tools. Of course, you're only using this because we owe Addal a favor." Georgie sends Addal a wink but she ignores him.

"So what do we do?" I finally speak up.

"You will monitor your pack to observe if anyone of them may be possessed with this computer. Raven will watch and record the Raider Pack colluding with demons on the other screen. With the evidence on hand, we will present it to the Council and have their support to start a war." Addal replies.

"Meanwhile, I will go to the Underworld to find info on the demon we are facing. Addal will be watching Sol and Ray, who are out trying to find Addal's mother and Judith." Leviathan points at a screen.

On the screen is Ray and Sol.

"You got the wrong, wrong bitch. But don't believe everything you read cause I won't back down and I won't concede. Which came through first, what more you need? Yeah, I see the house, Bitch. Where's the deed? That bitch is gravity and I'm defying her. Tell that bitch wizard I like his cowardly lion fur." Sol sings loudly and out of tune to the music blasting in the car.

Ray watches his brother with a wary gaze but doesn't comment on his horrible singing. "Watch out for the pot-hole." Ray quickly takes the wheel from Sol narrowly missing the steep hole in the road.

"Will they be okay?" Georgie asks in concern.

"Honestly, I don't know." Addal says with a weird face.

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