The Witch's Wolves (GxGxG)

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2. An Ordinary Day

I don't want to get out of bed.

"And who would, if they look like you." My demon taunts me early in the morning.

She's sitting down on the window seat with the sun peering down on her like she's blessed. She doesn't look at me as she effortlessly move with grace, tapping away on my phone. How come we have the same dark skin, the same hazel eyes, yet she's everything I can never hope to be.

"Addal... Addition... multiplication... whatever your name is. You should know better now. You will always be worthless and ugly no matter what you do." She replies to my thought.

And she's right.

"Of course I'm right. I'm you, yet you're so basic that I can't even remember your own name. Don't you think that's a little pathetic?"

She puts my phone down and moves over to my tiny bed. I know what she wants, what she'll do. She does it everyday. The same words everytime without fail.

She pulls a knife from thin air and waves it in my face with glee.


She moves close to my ears and whispers the magic words, "I know what can make you feel better. You like art, don't you? Use this knife as a brush and your skin as a canvas. Isn't that fun? It will be even more fun if you hit a vein and end your life. No more suffering. Fun isn't it?"


I know the words to heart. I know she wants to kill me, so she can take over my body, yet every day I cannot help but to say to myself.

"Should I?"

"No, you shouldn't." A husky voice interrupts.

"Leviathan," my demon hisses before stepping back.

Uncle Leviathan steps in, looking disgruntled in his bunny pajamas but still handsome for a demon.

"Get up. It's Thursday, then you'll have only one more day of mini Hell before the weekend," He cackles.

I groan in protest before rolling out of bed. Walk pass him, as my demon curse him out. Knowing how everything will end, I didn't pay attention to them when I step out for the bathroom.

Time trickles slowly when you use supernatural speed to get ready for school. Only five minutes to finish everything and go downstairs for breakfast. My demon already downstairs playing on my phone around the kitchen table.

"Nice, you've finish a minute early than yesterday." He slides me a plate of plantains on toast with a side of pills and a happy card.

"I am looking forward to today," I read the card out loud, trying to process it's meaning.

"I am not looking forward to another shitty day is what it should say," my demons replies.

And I cannot agree more.

Uncle snickers at her remark while washing the dishes. "I put your mom to sleep with some sleeping pills, so you don't have to deal with her until you come back to school.

"You won't be here when I come back?" I ask before taking a bite of my sandwich.

"Unfortunately not, I don't have time to visit, but when I can, you know I'll help you with your mom."

"I don't know how long she will last. Her health is deteriorating faster than before."

"We'll see," He replies after throwing me a bottle of water.

Fifteen minutes later, I'm in school. The halls crowded and noisy as ever, but that doesn't effect me. The students parts a path for me as they move away from me like I'm a disease. Their voices turn hush when they see me, trying to sneak a peek at me. It's always unnerving to experience, but as long as they don't cross me then it doesn't matter.

"Hey, you!" A voice calls from behind. Raven Cheshire with her long legs shown off by a short-short skirt comes over.

"Not this bitch again," my demon leans against the locker beside mine and looks in the voice's direction with distaste. "Why do you put up with her?" She asks.

If I harm the Roman's future Alpha, I don't think I would be able to escape without leaving a trail of corpses.

"Compensation for the many years she bullied us. Maybe we should leave her for last, so she can watch her pack members die one by one." She laughs at her horrible idea with great pleasure.

"Hey you," the brunette repeats. She looks pretty with a rare smile on her face. Unfortunately, it attracts unwanted attention our way.

She twirls her long hair between her fingers as she says, "I'm feeling good today, so I feel like forgetting how much of a weirdo you are and bury everything between us in the past. Okay?"

I want to punch her. My demon makes a face that reflects what I feel inside, just listening to her bullshit. I simply leave, not saying a word.

"Hey where are you going! Stupid Freak!" She curses me out, but I simply ignore her.

The day just keep going like any other day, but the students felt more daring today. They threw stuff at me, and one person threw there lunch all over me. It was Solomon and Ray that told them off at the end.

When everything is over, it's time to leave. I walk home to an insane mother laying in the couch. Her long curls scattered over the armrest, her pink robe disorganized, and her eyes looking around erratic. She mumbles to herself the same gibberish she always do.

I unfortunately cannot look after her for a moment, so I just walk pass her and up the stairs. Going into my room to get ready for work. After all, it's not professional to be late when your job is hunting down the supernatural.

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