The Witch's Wolves (GxGxG)

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20. Paying in Blood Pt. 1

Year & location: No one really cares

"Sol, dear, why did you make me do this?" Sultan asked, holding a fiery sword in hand. The man leaned slightly over another grown man's body.

The darkness in the woods made it too hard to see Sol, but Sultan could make out his ex-lover's slender frame. "We could have been together forever but you decided to fuck around."

"Sultan..." Sol nearly choked on his own blood.

"Don't you dare Sultan me!" Sultan screamed at him in rage. The warlock almost stabbed his ex with the sword again, he was lucky Sultan appreciated beauty too much to mess him up any further.

"Someone needs to you teach you manners, Solomon! That person will be me." The demonic sword burst into a rage, and Sultan pierced the sword into the immortal's heart. "Since you can't die, every decade I'll hunt you down and make you pay in blood." He sneered.

Lights flashed and Sol's vision flickered, but he didn't cry, he was too tired.

"Wake up," A redhead with freckles looked at the baby in her arm.

A strange scene in the woods, if a passer-by saw, they would think they saw an illusion of a Goddess descending down with her child to Earth.

"You are Sol, yes." The curly haired woman asked.

Sol wanted to answer but he could only make gurgle noise in his new form.

"My name is Jolene Lovelorn, and I'm here because I saw you in my vision. I will help you, but you must do everything I tell you, alright."

Sol gurgled.

"I'll take that as a yes." Her eyes shine with clarity that made Sol want to rethink his decision.

Location: On the highway to Hell

The radio in my dear car, Romeo, is turn higher as my song plays and I sing along.

"Oh but the banks are closed (The banks are closed). Oh the bus ain't runnin'? Honey there's plenty of ways you can get my money. There's cash app, paypal, got a piggy bank? Lovely gal! You can get my money from a Kickstarter."

"Dear Sol, shut up. You sound like a dying cat." The brat beside me complain the nth time today, but was I going to listen to a brat centuries younger than me?

"You a workin' girl? Then work harder.
Large bills, bag of quarters. Post a check on money orders, you can get yo cousin meet me on the corner but I don't like late, so you betta warn her."

Of course, not.

"Shut up," he groans in misery from my wicked singing skills.

In fact, he can't get enough of it that he head bangs against my car window. Of course, if he dares to break Romeo's window, I'll have to break him.

"Ultimate professional, Boss chick in collection mode...okay, I'm done."

He glares at me, his wolf eyes blink in and out, ready to take control any moment. Having someone else more frustrated than me seems to calm me for a moment, my grip on the steering wheel eases but not enough.

"Where are we going anyway?" Ray asks before taking a sip of his water.

"To the only person who can figure out where Addal's mother is... our mother."

"I don't really care about their relationship or why mom will know where she is, but isn't mom on a business trip?" Ray asks.

"She was, but by now, she should be heading home. If my prediction is right then she should be-"

In the midst of my speech, things happens too quickly to truly process. Just the sensation of being on a a rollercoaster or a car crash, which is what really happens.

Something crashes into my baby, Romeo, flipping us over. In due time, Ray and I act fast enough to unbuckle ourselves after being punched in the face by our emergency airbag. We barely made it, but when we did, a familiar handsome face greets me.


"Hello, Solomon."

He was handsome then, and he's still handsome now. Those heavy set of eyebrows over grey eyes staring at me like glistening gems on his square face. The only difference is the straight nose turned unnaturally crooked, possibly from another bar fight in the past, and his dazzling nails with light lipstick on his pink lips. Most importantly...

"Don't Solomon me, Sultan!"

...the asshole wrecked my car.

"Just because you've become a Drag Queen with your nice make-up and nails doesn't mean you can just wreck Romeo and get away with it!" I yell while getting into my fighting stance.

We were in the middle of nowhere on a day where rarely any cars come by. The road is a mess with pieces of Romeo anywhere and everywhere. I just want to cry.

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