The Witch's Wolves (GxGxG)

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21. Paying in Blood Pt. 2

"It doesn't matter what happens to your hunk of metal. Don't forget that you have to pay me in your blood. And it's been long overdue."

A growl can be heard beside me. As clothes rip and bones crack. A giant blond wolf steps up, ready to pounce. Sultan pulls out his fire sword from thin air. The two clash. Sultan swings and Ray bites his arm. It would have been funny watching Sultan wave his hands in the air as he tries to get Ray off, but I'm too busy.

My phone in hand, I call mother's cell.

"Hello." She says.

"Hey Mom, funny story, you remember when you told me not to get into trouble-"

"Dear Moon Goddess, what did you do now." She says, deep voice and all.

"Nothing much, just my ex out for blood and your biological son fighting him to the death." I look over to them fighting.

Sultan is out of his hold, ready to strangle Ray. On the other side, Ray was pushed back into the trees. He hops back on his feet, ready for round two.

"Yup, they're still at it." I report to her.

"I'm in the car now. Put on your GPS signal, so I can track you," She instructs.

"Already done, I'll see you soon."

"You better hope I don't see you-" I hang up the phone before she can say something too violent. "Good chat."

I walk into the battlefield. Both men bleeding from cuts and bites, they walk into a circle as they size each other up. From a closer look, I can see Ray's wolf fur have some burnt spot.

I start to chant some spells when Sultan spots me. He swings his sword, sending a heatwave past Ray and towards me. Ray attacks while Sultan's focus is on me. I dodge his attacks, still chanting, until I release lightning from the sky.

I don't know how long we've been like this, dodging and attacking, but the ending is a real hit-and-run situation. Quite literally. Mother hits Sultan with her car, sending him flying.

I jump into the front seat, while Ray runs butt-naked into the back. Before, Sultan can come back, mom presses hard on the gas. Hitting Sultan in the process before turning her car around and driving off.

"I thought you were aromantic, when did you get a demonic boyfriend!" Mother glares at me before looking back at the road.

"He's from my past life." I answer the best I can. Knowing I can't tell them the truth, while still being chased by Sultan."

"How many lives do you have." Ray snaps while struggling to put on spare clothes.

"I had nine lives but I lost several of them due to my past problematic rendezvous," I answer half seriously.

"Are you a cat?" They asks.

"I must be," I answer, " because cats come from pussy and so do I."

They both groan in annoyance.

"How does your brain function?" Ray complains.

"Simple, anything that's not straight." I throw a joke, because honestly, I've been asking that same question for centuries. And I still don't know what to do with myself.

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