The Witch's Wolves (GxGxG)

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22. Jolene

"Jolene, Jolene, Jolene! Please just leave him cause I know you can—hey I was listening to that!" I complain to mom, who turns off the radio in frustration.

We're still driving, but with neck-breaking-speed. They say redheads are hot-tempered, but the blonde behind the wheel seems to be the feistiest woman I've ever met. I'm afraid her wolf may come out any second and bite our heads off too.

"You're telling me, Jolene is out there, mentally unstable, and being hunted down!" She screams my head off.

"Jolene?" Ray asks, half-asleep in the back.

"Addal's mom. Keep up, Ray." I tell him.

The brat only hums an approval before rolling over and going back to sleep.

"Addal's... Mom?" Mother's face flip-flops from pain to betrayal to heartbreak.

I almost had an urge to point out the hypocrisy of her making those faces, but putting salt to old wounds didn't seem to be the best course of action.

Nothing seems to be going as planned today. What would Raven or Addal do in such a situation?

In the control room by Heaven's gate.

Addal is cursing up a storm and I can't help laughing at my human side suffering. Not that I don't understand her emotions. I actually have a similar, more violent feeling towards that woman, who broke mother's heart and mind. The only reason I haven't done anything to her before is because I know her past action will help to give birth to the Antichrists.

"What's wrong?" Raven asks.

Addal's anger consumes her to the point that she doesn't realize Raven had Addal on her lap. Snuggling up to Addal, while comforting her at the same time. I would have been jealous if I wasn't already hugging a flustered Evangeline on my lap.

"Who the Hell does that Bitch thinks she is? After all this time, she wants to crawl back to mother after breaking her heart!" She point to the angry, middle-aged-mother driving Sol and Ray.

"Sol's and Ray's mom?" Raven asks.

"Dr. Parton?" Evangeline asks.

"Yes and yes. It's quite a tasty gossip too."

"Don't you dare." Addal threatens.

"Do you want their help or not." I counter.

She says nothing but has a look of misery about her.

"You can't always keep others in the dark," I tell her.

She says nothing, silently burying her head in the Latina's arms. Raven pause at her mate's out of character movement but the smile on her face says it all.

Hmm, I might use that scene in my m.i.l.f fanfic later.

"The story goes like this," I give them the whole story.

The time when Dr. Parton was young and had affair with Addal's mother, Jolene, behind her boyfriend's back. Of course, Jolene, was a victim too. Sheltered and naïve from being protected because she was meant to be the next Oracle. The last one died centuries ago.

Anyway, Dr. Parton hid that she had a relationship from Jolene and her affair from her boyfriend. Of course, the boyfriend found out. They always do in these types of story, it's quite weird actually. Like do they have a GPS on their partners or something?

As you should know, they forced her to choose, which everyone knows the gay never wins in these type of situation— if it's not a lgbtq or fanfic book. She chose the boyfriend and Jolene was heartbroken.

The naïve girl became lost and vulnerable enough for a demon, Addal's dad, to come and sweep her off her feet. Unfortunately, it was not enough to stop the mental and emotional trauma after being betrayed and humiliated by someone she truly love.

Then, more misfortune came. It turned out Parton and Jolene were soulmates. Le gasp! Parton, of course, kept her boyfriend, who she eventually married.

They had a child and named him Ray. They lived happily until Parton realize that her husband was a hypocrite who cheated on her even longer than she did and had two whole different family on the side, so they divorced.

Shame, she didn't realize her ex-husband had been secretly abusing Jolene behind her back, causing the poor girl's fragile mentality break like shattered glass. He kept Jolene far away from Parton, at the time he was running the town with his maxed out charisma.

Very long story short, the humans and witches who once protected her followed his lead. They harassed her until she crawled into the shell she used to be.

Of course, Asmodeus wouldn't let that slide, so when he found out who broke his toy. He broke them. Now, the bastard and his cult—groupies are being burnt alive in the 9th level of Hell.

By the time I finish telling the story, we're all eating popcorn except for Addal, who is asleep.

"We finally found you," Sol screams through the machine. We all watch curious to see what happens next.

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