The Witch's Wolves (GxGxG)

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23. Witch and Demons Pt. 2

It was hot as Hell, as Hell should be. Walking through the familiar dark and gloomy hall brings back many memories.

"Doesn't this remind you of the last time we came here," Asmodeus says in amusement.

"We went to the bar for a drink only to come out with a drunk Beelzebub." Brother snickers at the memory.

"Don't remind me of that bastard," I groan, "I still haven't forgiven him for vomiting on my shoes." I shake my head at the memory

"Hey now, let's not get so wound-up about the past. He can't control his low drinking tolerance." He says.

"Demons don't have a drinking tolerance," I reply in disgust.

We move past the "only employees" sign and went down several flight of stairs to reach a phoenix carved into a door made from the ashes of a volcano.

Asmodeus opens the door to a bustling scene of Hell's finest and only casino. Red carpet, succubus and incubus walking past in gaudy clothes, while gold pours out of noisy machines.

"Ladies first," the asshole mocks with a bow.

"Whatever," I reply.

Giving me an aggravating chuckle in response, Asmodeus follows from behind.

"Demons may not have drinking tolerance," Asmodeus begins, "but who told him to piss off a sorceress and turn himself into a human for a day."

"Something we can both agree on," I reply. "Now, where is that witch?"

"Come on, come on. You piece of sh*t!" A woman screams over a dying machine nearby.

"Looks like we found our witch," Asmodeus says.

"Morgana?" I asks, not sure she was the right one. Although, she does have a human stench, so do a lot of human victims in this den. Cursed to lose every time they play, their punishment sincerely from Hell.

The brunette turns around with her green eyes on me. She's pretty woman in casual clothes with a symmetrical face and sharp eyes.

She says with an embarrassed smile, "Sorry, are you Leviathan?" She stands up and shakes my hand.

"It's a pleasure," I smile.

"I would say it's a pleasure but we are not in bed yet." Asmodeus flirts.

"Asmodeus," Morgana snares.

"I haven't seen you in centuries but I know you obviously didn't steal your brother's throne." He mocks.

"That throne was mine and Father that whore gave it away to some bastard!" She sneers.
I clap my hands like I'm trying to gain the attention of two children, "Alright, alright! Let's leave ancient history to the past, okay!"

"Right," She clears her throat and says, "My Intel said there is a scripture is in Satan's treasury."

Asmodeus and I groan in pain, remembering the last time we were caught in one of that penny-pincher's trap in his treasury.

"Alright, lets go." I say.

We exit from the front of the casino, entering Hell City. Where there are as much traffic from the flying demon as there are on streets. A demon honks someone, cursing them out. The other demon comes in response, soon a fight break out. The other demons howling in excitement, because in this city, the strong makes the rule.

We walk away from the traffic before flying to our destination. Asmodeus and I use our wings, while Morgana flies on a magical bike. It doesn't last long when a magical force shoots us down after leaving the city's boundary after thirty minutes.

Now, standing on a pitchfork, two signs greet us.

The left says, "The Nine Torture of Hell.

The right says, "Satan's Treasury—stay out Asmodeus and Leviathan."

We travel right to the cave. Descending down the lit place, past chandeliers and golden tiles to a hall with many rooms.

"Did your informant tell you which door?" Asmodeus asks.

"The diamond one." She says.

"The diamond one. What great information." Asmodeus replies.

"Shut up," She says, "Not everyone is suicidal to get on the King's nerve like you two."

I don't blame them both. There are many doors with different shapes, but how many people really come here to piss off Satan?

"Alright, let's do this. We'll check the diamond doors separately, Morgan stick with me."

And that's how I spent my day, stuck in a trap within a trap.

The first room was us running away from a giant boulder in a ruin. The second room was us fighting aliens on Pluto. The third was the worst, fighting invisible man in the dark.

I will never forget the bastard for trying to give me a wedgie. Fortunately, Morgana is taking it in strides as she rest against the Hall's wall. Asmodeus... I really don't want to talk about that bastard.

"I became the King of the Lions." He walks out the door, laughing, dressed in the former Lion King's fur.

I really don't want to think about him.

"Here," He says, before throwing me a scroll. "I think this is what we are looking for.

I open it and carelessly read. My eyes nearly pops out as I read it ten more times.

By then, Morgana is also reading it over my shoulder.

"My God," she says.

Asmodeus simply chuckles, "I guess I lost the bet. I owe my daughter some money," He says before lighting a cigarette that was hidden in his pocket.

"The Antichrist was already here."

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