The Witch's Wolves (GxGxG)

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24. War & Choices

When Leviathan sent news about the Antichrist, we sent evidence to the Werewolf Council about the Raider Pack colluding with demons.

When the Council saw the recording, they had a fit.

"What? Another war, we just got back from one already." Councilor One complains.

"Yeah. That average girl, who was abused all her life by her former pack because she was different, or was it because she was blamed for getting her parent/s killed? Anyway, we went to help her and those beefcakes who were fighting over her to war against her former pack." Councilor Two reiterates eighty percent of werewolf books on Wattpad.

"Screw this, why can't we be peaceful like Iceland! Iceland never had to fight wars every single day. I can't even take a toilet break without someone bringing up war!" Councilor Three complains.

"Calm down," Councilor Four speaks, "We only have two weeks to prepare."

All the Councilmen reluctantly agree.

Like Four said, everyone only had two weeks before the Antichrist starts war. And time is not merciful as it moves faster than a bullet.

In between that time. My human side splits her time between mother and our mates.

With mother, she always makes sure Dr. Parton stays away from mother. With her mates, she tries to keep them away from her. Of course, neither worked. Dr. Parton always finds a way by mother's side. And our mates always find a way into our bed, not that I mind.

Speaking of mates, Raven and Evangeline seem to have grown a little on our journey. For one, Raven seem more calm and patient when she came back to her pack.

"One, two! One, two!" She screams at her warriors to keep up the pace as they run around the border of the pack.

Unfortunately, one of the pack members falls behind. If it was before, Raven would have left them behind and kept going. Instead, she slows down right behind that member and waits patiently for them to gather enough breath to join the others.

On Evangeline's side, after being able to communicate with her wolf, she's starting to become more confident in herself. I think everyone else sees it too.

"Alright children, let's practice how to evacuate when the bad guys come one more time." She says with a smile.

"Yes, Luna!" The children reply.

The two have been doing a good job taking over the Alpha and Luna's job, while Alpha Jack is still recovering and his wife watching over him.

Leviathan, of course, being a grown man had too much responsibility to join a war, so he left.

Unfortunately, not all of our people are in a good mood.

"I will avenge thee Romeo!" Sol practices sword fighting against Ray, who rolls his eyes at his brother's stupidity.

"It's just a car, Sol. We'll get you a new one." Ray says.

"But it won't be my Romeo." Sol shoots back.

It went on like this, until the war finally starts. In the woods by the pack's territory. The only thing separating us is a thin stream. Judith puts his hand up in the air and the battle begins.

Wolf against wolf. Hunters against a very scary and slightly sane Jolene. Seriously, was she always this powerful? She's taking out rows of hunters with only one spell, if her magic didn't have a cool down, then the war would have already been won.

Amidst the fighting, Judith comes closer to Raven. A crowd surrounding him, fighting off our people, as he marches forward. He lifts his hand that held a twisted demonic energy. When he reach an arm length away, his hand shoots out. Only Addal and I saw it coming. She moves in front of Raven, taking the hit with her own punch of demonic energy.

Their clash rips time and space. Bringing the two of us in an unfamiliar room. An elegant living room with walls lined with books, stuffed-animal decorations, a fireplace by chairs and a coffee table.

We move closer where three books sit on the coffee table. The first book is surprising as Evangeline's face is on there.

We open the book, and read our story step by step. It's bizarre, it's amazing. Are the two other books the same?

We flip over the other books, breezing through.

"These books are about our cousin, who accidentally portalled herself somewhere, who knew it would be in a fantasy book." I say.

"Yeah, and she accidentally portalled her little sister into a superhero book." Addal replies.

"Having fun?" A little girl's voice speaks.

We look to see a little girl with a short haircut, sitting there with a hot mug of tea in hand.

"Antichrist?" Addal asks.

"I have a name, asshole. My name is Bridget, and seriously, who raised you with such bad manners."

I frown, "Bridget isn't really a fitting name for a leader."

"Neither is Jesus, what's your point?"

Fair enough.

"Why are we here?" Addal asks.

"Because I want you to. Nothing is coincidental in this world. Those books you read are created by me and the world is just a stage to act out my fantasy." The girl points to the book in our hands. "And your story is simply an exposition to our world from Hell to Heaven's gate."

"What do you want?" Addal asks.

Bridget ignores her.

"Jesus is simply a puppet to his master, but I'm a leader. I may be destruction but I can also be a creator because I am who I am not. Something does not come from nothing."

"Jesus is constant," Addal shoots.

"And I'm a flip of a coin. A disaster, who can also fix her mistakes." Bridget counters.

"What do you want?" Addal asks, again.

"For you to finish your story and to help me open mine." Bridget picks up a book resting on her lap and shows us.

"Do I have a choice?" Addal asks.

"Nothing in this world is coincidental. Everything has a reason. Tell me what is your choice?"

"Then, I choose-"

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