The Witch's Wolves (GxGxG)

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25. The End

Five years later.

"Push, baby. You can do it!"

Raven encourages Evangeline. She holds onto her Luna's hand, who screams Hail Mary.

Raven isn't the one giving birth, but she sure as hell looks like it. She sweating and tearing-up more than Evangeline, who looks more pissed than anything. What a switch of roles, in my opinion.

My human side is being a good father right now. In fact, she is cowering in the corner. Addal is high-key traumatized from the event, yet she stays in the room as support. Such a great father, such a pitiful person that Evangeline is even willing to comfort her while giving birth.

"It's alright Ad—#@$&*/—Ahhh." Evangeline screams as she does the final push.

Fast forward to a little later.

Addal holds onto an exhausted Evangeline, who is sleeping peacefully. She looks up to see Raven walking in with Dr. Parton and Jolene following behind. The two each holding a baby in their arms.

In Dr. Parton arms is light skinned boy sleeping in blue blankets with a patch of dark curls already on his head. In Jolene's arms is a fair skinned girl wrapped in pink with stubs of blond hair. She give us a creepy smile with her eyes pure black before her eyes turn back to blue.

"What is their name?" Dr. Parton asks.

"The girl name is Bridget Lovelorn." Addal says before holding the Antichrist in her arms.

"And the boy is Jesús Desmond." Raven says proudly as she picks up her son in her arm.

While the Antichrist grimace at her sibling's name, she knows Addal did it to spite her.

At the same time, if Bridget's book is true, Judith will be out of his coma when his mate finds him. The Raider pack's new leader will be a loyal ally in the future. The Werewolf Council is taking a vacation in Iceland. And a wrathful Sol must have already chased down Sultan and lost the fight. Ray will have to take over his mother's role of being Sol's guardian.

Now, we wait. The resurrected Jesus is coming. Nothing is coincidental in this world, everything has a reason. The world is a stage that will gradually make itself, and the Holy War is set in stone.


This is the final chapter for The Witch's Wolves (GxGxG), thank you for reading to the end.

(Loving a Ghost (GXG) is part one of the side story, which is coming out after this book is complete. The Witch's Warrior is the second part and will be released after part one is complete. The sequel The Good Girl's Devil (GxG) will be coming after all side stories are complete.

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