The Witch's Wolves (GxGxG)

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5. Sorry

"I hate the rain," but complaining about it does not stop it from coming down harder. Ba—boom! Thunder claps and lightening strikes down the scrawny tree nearby. How ominous.

"Sunny and clear sky, they said. Nearly no chance for rain, they said." My grumpy demon mocks the weatherman before hiding in my shadow.

I smile at her misery, feeling good about myself for a short moment. Then a wave of spectators ruin the mood. I dodge the crowd of students attracted to the now burning tree, like flies to a lamp. I didn't own an umbrella, or only God knows what mother would do with it.

"She'll probably whack you upside your head, thinking you're an enemy." My demon cackles behind me as I walk home.

I hate how painfully right she is. Mother's mind is... not at the right place, but that is what usually happens when a human is blessed to be God's oracle.

"Heeey, Addal!" Sol screams from a red car driving slowly by. I just keep moving. When I'm with him, I almost always wind up in something.

"Hey, Freak!" Raven screams from the driver side. "Get in!"

"Wow, I think she's finally ready to kill you this time." My demon says a little too gleefully.

Find by me, if she kills me, do you think you'll have an intact body to take control of.

When my demon heard my thoughts, she finally shut up. And I just keep walking.

"I really hate the rain." It always bring nothing but trouble when it rains.

"Then get in the car if you hate the rain so much, Freak!" Raven is getting angrier by the minute as she continues to stalk me. Why is she still here? Maybe my demon is right for once and she does plan to kill me?

I just turn to her and truthfully reply, "But I hate you even more than the rain, so why would I be with you?"

"A big oof—" Sol pretends to be hurt, but Raven changing face holds real anguish until it becomes pure anger.

Her hands on the steering wheel tightens until her knuckles turn white and she says through gritted teeth, "Fine." She drives off with a laughing Sol waving at me like a madman.

"Well, that went better than we thought." My demon says in wonder.

"Yeah," I agree.

The wind starts picking up and the rain becomes unbearable. Thirty minutes pass by, and I was halfway home. Just need to walk thirty minutes more. I shrink myself in my raincoat more as I bear with the unpredictable weather, then I hear an annoying honk on my side.

"Oh great, that bitch is back." My demon grumbles, while sheltering herself in my mind.

On the side is Raven by herself in a sleek, black car. "Get in the car." She says unnaturally calm.

"Why?" I ask, wanting to know why she care so much. Of course, I know about the mate bond. I am a hunter, it's my job to know about what's going on in the supernatural world, like how Raven is supposed to be mate with Evangeline.

"What?" She asks, caught off guard by my question.

"Why do you care what happens to me?"

"Freak, are you stupid? A hurricane is heading our way. Knowing your out here all alone, do you think I would leave you alone like this?" She asks with frustration written on her face.

"I wouldn't be surprised." She flinched at my words but I keep going, "Didn't you say for the sixteen years that we knew each other that it would be great If I did not exist, or I should be dead?"

Her face turns into a grimace, but I keep going. "Now is your chance, if I die now, wouldn't that be great." I say before leaving, not looking back.

A couple steps in I feel a taller body hug me from behind. They were unnaturally warm in the rain, and their heart was hitting my back with a fast pace. "Don't go," she softly pleads in my ear.

For a minute, my body was stuck in her warm embrace before I gain back some consciousness of the situation we're in. I try to break free from her hold, but she was too strong. And my demon was no help, too busy reading fanfic on Wattpad to care.

I stop. Knowing, I already lost to her. "Alright, I'll go with you." I admit in defeat.

She quietly lets go, and we enter the car without looking at each other.

As I put on my seat belt, she says something I never thought she would ever tell me.

"I'm sorry." She presses the gas and we drive off.

I didn't reply to her unless it was about directions to my house, but after hearing what she said. Those three unexpected words. I didn't hate the rain as much.

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