The Witch's Wolves (GxGxG)

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6. Wolves and Vampires

I feel like shit.

The rain is really coming down, and the Frea- Addal is playing with the radio by my side. Meanwhile, Rainbow is gushing about the strange girl that needs to keep her hands off my things. Just knowing she is sitting right beside me makes my stomach churn in anxiety, like something bad is going to happen.

"Turn there and drop me off at the last house here." She says after letting go of the tuner.

I follow her instructions, but through the blurry window I make out several figures. The hair on the back of my neck prickles. Something is wrong.

"Stay in the car," I tell her. She frowns but does not say anything, so I leave, taking her silence as a yes.

Rainbow howls annoyingly in my head when I catch the diluted scent of corpses and wet dogs. Hair and mingy manes grow unevenly on my body. Rainbow nearly takes control of my body, a low growl boils in my chest and rips out of my mouth.

Vampires. Bastards.

"Well, well, well! Another trespasser." A cold hand grabs me by the neck and throws me into the side of my car. For a moment I was in a daze, I didn't even notice the flipping car across the street.


"Mate!" Rainbow screams, reminding me about the person in the car. Again. Fuck!

Just before I can go after her a voice catches me off guard.

"Pay attention, trespasser." He says with a hint of a Spanish accent.

He throws me again, but this time In front of familiar people.

"Raven," Evangeline speaks out softly, flabbergasted at the sight of me. Gamma Radar pushes her behind him before our pack warriors advance a step. One of them helping me up.

I want to say something but my head is still spinning and Rainbow will not shut up about our two mates.

"I hope this little girl is not your only backup, mutts." The brown man from before comes closer. His face is obscured by the rain, yet I can still make out his bright fangs and dark curly hair.

As I gather my thoughts from all this- something strikes me. "Curly... Spanish... vampires... south of my pack... this cannot be..."

"Are you Raphael, the Vampyr leader of the Gangwood's territory!" I asks, trying to stall for some time.

The man laughs. "You know who I am, and you know my territory, so tell me. Why do I have the displeasure of you mangy mutts stalking into my neighborhood."

"We have our reasons." Gamma Radar speak out with his squeaky voice.

"A reason? It must not be a good one for trespassing."

"The Alpha-"

"Your Alpha means nothing to me." Raphael hisses.

The pack growls at the bastard's disrespect towards father, but the pack did not move, it wasn't our territory. Instead, more vampires crept up from behind, revealing themselves from... wherever they came from.

"All that matter to us is that you, nosy pups, keep your end of the deal in the Shadow Pact! Now leave our territory or die here." He says the last sentence calmly, yet I can feel the chills slowly crawling up my spine.

No one speaks. It was a face-off, until the Gamma breaks the heated glares.

"Let's move back," Gamma waves before departing with a reluctant Evangeline being dragged by him. The pack members wait for Radar to take the lead before following.

I turn back around to see an injured Addal escape the car with assistant from one of Raphael's goons. My chest burns at the sight while Rainbow whines. They shouldn't touch what's mine! No, she is not mine. I rejected her.

I thought about it but my legs move on their own. I only step out of the trance when someone pushes me lightly, making me stumble back a little.

"I guess you chose death then?" Raphael smiles, but his dark eyes are cold.

I watch Addal being taken away from me. Then, reluctantly, I throw my keys to Raphael. "Give this to her." I say.

He only laughs and says, "You know when she finds out what your pack did, she is going to hate you."

She already does, but I didn't say this to him. "Whatever my pack did, I will take full responsibility as their future leader."

"How noble, but how far will that righteousness get you?" He replies then disappear in one breath.

I silently follow my pack into the wood, not looking back. What a shitty birthday. Thunder claps and lightening cracks the dark sky. I can't help thinking about what the Freak said before, and I cannot help but agree with her.

"I really hate the rain."
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