The Hunt (first draft)

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Trapped in a dungeon of a noble with no way out will Rogan and his new friends that he makes along the way escape from cells or will they be made of slaves as punishments for their doing,

Noah M. Dewey
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Chapter 1

Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! "Why is it always like this in here?" I look at my hands, they are a crimson red as a drop of blood falls into my palm. "How did I get here?" I ask myself night after night upon the cold stone dungeon floor, as the odor of the musty damp hay in the corner of the cell. Dark, the room is... dark. they say I am a freak of nature. I am starting to believe them, they hate me only because I am different.
My teeth hurt, my- Thwack! A flash of red enters my vision as pain goes throughout my back, as an Inquisition soldier says in my ear "You filthy creature, you don't even belong on this earth."
I have grown to hate the Inquisition, the pain makers, the punishers of nothing more than their own right. If you so much as cross one, they might just beat you, just because you are not as perfect as the king......

--((3 years ago))--

The stars above look so peaceful. I let loose a sigh as I lay down on the nice, cool, wet grass. I look left to my brother, Rican. Rican always worries for me that I won't find a mate or be strong like him. Rican looks to me, his bright white vampire teeth glisten in the moonlight. "Why do you always insist that we come out here in the early morning Rogan?" he yawns.
I chuckle because I have always been an early riser. he has always said "Rogan, why do we always come out here? You don't even have your fangs yet."
I cannot wait till I can get my fangs I have my form, which is like my dad's, a dark black fox with ashy grey paws. His name is Shadow. My fox loves to talk to me every now and then in my head as another voice. I can tell when he sleeps and when he is awake. All vampires have another counterpart, whether it may be a snake or a wolf, but I have no idea why we keep being referred to as bats. It is repulsive to us.
I close my eyes and reply to Rican. "Because dad said he was going to take us to see a play that's going to be a spectacular performance and that we both had to be out of bed and dressed before sunset, which we are." I am nearly half tempted to run into the house up the creaky wooden stairs down the hall to where mom and dad are asleep at. I would climb onto their bed with mom and dad, shaking them while saying "Get up, get up!"
Rican smiles at my excitement, as he has been to a few plays. This would be my first one. From what he told me, plays are magnificent, where they tell stories and fill the audience with hope and fear. I want to experience it myself, and be able to feel the emotions and music.
"Will you shut up? I'm trying to sleep." Shadow links to me in my head. Almost ready to giggle, knowing I am the one to blame. He can feel my emotions and I can feel his emotions as well. I retort back in a playful manner. "You're always sleeping." I feel the annoyed eye roll and I tilt my head back as I laugh. Rican sees me laugh and says in a playful tone equal to my joy "Are you giving Shadow a tough time again?"
I grin as I nod, answering him. After a few minutes go by, I sit up to stretch my muscles, due to laying on the hard ground. I look down at my hands and muse that I can't believe I am 18 now, which is a young age to vampires, but who cares? Any day now I should be able to get my fangs, just like my Mom, Dad, and Brothers. There is a whole ceremony for it, where it makes you truly feel like you were meant to be a vampire.
I cannot seem to wait for it either way. The party, drinking, dancing, and the sexy women. I have met only one in my time, and she was very beautiful. Since then, I have been sheltered. Now, I can explore beyond my home.
Feeling warm and fuzzy, I stand up. I begin to make my way to the manor with my brother. I get a strange feeling deep in my stomach, something isn't right. All of a sudden, a blast erupts throwing me down, as a sharp pain shoots through my back. I can barely breathe, my ears are ringing and I can feel myself being tugged to my feet. Meanwhile, a barely audible sound is being screamed in my ear, "RUN ROGAN!!!!! RUN!!!"
I'm confused as to what is going on, but before I can turn to see who spoke to me. I am shoved roughly and begin running, where I am not certain. My heart feels ready to burst. Howling can be heard by what sounds like a hound dog alerting its master, causing me to run faster. I can barely make out screams, in the distance. As twigs and brush crunches beneath my feet. The sounds grow fainter and I make it to the gate. My lungs are on fire, as I attempt to catch my breath.
Blood trickles down onto my hand, making me realize there was a gaping wound upon my head. I quickly disregard, as a small but faint voice echoes in my head, "Run my child, run till you collapse, don't stop running till your bones threaten to break, they are coming. Always remember your mother loves you."
Before I can even answer I feel the tether to my mom snap as if she never existed. Beginning to run again, I can feel tears threaten to fall, but I cannot cry now. I have to be strong for her, for my mother.
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