Into the Night

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When your family gets brutally murdered by neighbouring "friendly" pack and you become a rogue, nothing worse can happen. Nadina Mallory, oldest daughter of the dead alpha thought so too. Unless the rogue king finds you and takes you as a slave... Strong language, violence scenes and adult content.

Fantasy / Romance
Victoria Noir
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Chapter 1

I am Nadina Mallory. I'm the rightful alpha of the Red Moon pack. I'm seventeen years old. My brothers are Yuri, Malcolm and Adam. I'm the oldest child to my parients, Leroy and Evelyn.
I am Nadina Mallory. I'm the rightful alpha of the Red Moon pack. I'm seventeen years old.
I am Nadina Mallory. I'm the rightful alpha of the Red Moon pack... or what's left of it.

I chant the words over and over in my head as I lay in the wet grass. Wet from my and my packs blood.

I never was much of a fighter - my brothers took that role. Yuri was great with knives, Adam loved all the unconventional weapons,l like nunchacks and katanas, and Malcolm enjoyed fighting with his bare hands. I, on the other hand, was more of a ruler. I attended every meeting with my dad, Alpha Leroy. I knew every map, every military tactic, every bit of information to help me be the next greatest female Alpha. Too bad that day didn't come.

I am Nadina Mallory and tonight my pack has been bruttaly murdered.

Nobody was prepared for the attack. It was supposed to be a celebration. My cousin has finally found a mate and our neighboring pack was coming to celebrate. Well apparently, they had a different idea.

Every pack member has had a drink and relaxed. After all, the upcoming Beta has found his life partner. When the newly found mates blew off candles on my mom's signature cake, our dear guests attacked.

It was brutal. Blood poured, pack members screamed, mothers were separated from the pups, greatest fighters fell because nobody was prepared. I'm not much of a fighter but I did my best. I tried to remain calm and gather all the loose pups and bring them to safety, but when I saw my mum stumble in a pool of her own blood my wolf took over. I managed to rip 8 strong fighters to shreds and run with the remainder of my pack. I wish I could save them. I wish I would push myself harder during the physical training sessions with my brothers...

We ran. There were only about 20 wolfs with me, mostly women and their pups. I never stopped and they got left behind, I hope they found a safe place. As for me, there was nothing to return to, so I just did what I do best - let my wolf take over and run. It was somewhat calming to hear dull steps of my paws on the ground, hear the grass rustle as I moved my body, feel the dew drops on my fur.

Only when the sun was up in the sky did I stop. I simply shifted into my human form and collapsed on the ground. I had no more strenght, no more power in me to run. Only when my human body hit the ground I realised that I've been injured. I had a big wound across my stomach and it still bled. I applied pressure with my hands and just laid there, barely breathing. My wolf retrieved to mourn the loss of her fellow pack wolves. I was all alone God knows where.

I am Nadina Mallory. I'm the rightful alpha of the Red Moon pack. And I hope to fucking die.
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