Born To Be Wild

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Chapter 2

Dylan dragged Shadow into the house and put her on a rope so she'd stay put, I hate the rope Shadow thought to herself. "Victoria, we need to have a little talk about Shadow" Victoria walked down the stairs into the living room. "What did she do now?" Shadow put her head down "She got into the chicken coop again, scared em half to death." Victoria gave Shadow a hard stare "Thats the third time shes done that this week!" They just went on and on about how Shadow had been acting up. "Dylan, mabey it's time for Shadow to move on, mabey we should put her down." There was a moment of silence. "Victoria, don't you think thats a little to harsh? She's just an energetic dog." "Dylan I've had to put up with that dog for 3 years! Im done with her! We're going to take her to the vet tomorrow and put her down!" This is not happening Shadow thought, I have to escape. There's no way in hell that im going get put down! Im going to do what I should have long ago, run away and be free with the wolves.
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