Their Silver Moon

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Chapter 11 - Mine

Nathaniel Black

I traced the fine silk that made up the straps of her wedding dress, keeping it upon her body that was pressed against my chest as we swayed to the to the music. The crowd of hundred had began to dwindle, and it was now past midnight but the music played softly as I held her in my arms.

The soft curls in her hair had begun to droop but she was still the most beautiful woman alive. She was perfect, and exhausted.

“It’s time I take you home,” I purred, tucking some loose hair behind her ear.

Sighing, she nodded but didn’t budge, her head still rested on my chest, her feet still moving but barely. “Come on,” I purred, scooping her up in my arms causing a grunt of disapproval to come from her chest.

“No,” she objected, “I don’t want today to end, it’s been so perfect,” she groaned.

“I know, but you’re exhausted,” I chuckled, “plus, I’m pretty sure it’s already tomorrow.”

“What?” she chuckled, rolling her head, and finally resting her head on my chest. “I love you,” she added, her sparkling white eyes reflecting in the moonlight.

“I love you too,” I replied, resting my head on hers for a moment, inhaling the sweet scent of flower and books, the scent of Spring, the scent of home.

“Where are we going?” She asked, her eyes fluttering closed.

“I’m taking my wife home, Dr. Black,” I chuckled, giving her a light squeeze. Carrying her through the forest was sobering, the white moonlight illuminating the trees, the sky, and the ground - in the most magical way, making her glow. Her softly tanned skin and freckled skin contrasted the white dress that hugged her, the long train and veil that skimmed the ground as we danced the night away.

I admit, it had been a while since I’d been this content – since everything felt so right.

As I carried her into the threshold of our house – as man and wife, I stumbled as she pressed her lips firmly against my own. I hadn’t even realised she was still awake, as her arms snaked around my neck as she pulled her torso up, forcing me to adjust how I held her in my arms.

Pulling up the hem of her dress, her legs wrapped around my waist. She pulled the veil from her hair, and I tossed it onto the railing of the stairs as I began to ascend to the next floor. Before snapping my arms back around her and working on the buttons on the back of her dress, the soft, and well laced buttons, and with each one that I undid, she pressed her body against my own as her dress loosed.

My lips felt swollen and red by the time we’d made it to the bedroom, and I tossed her onto the bed – all night she had been so composed and perfect, like an angel she floated down the aisle towards me, it was a picture-perfect wedding. Every moment she was composed, every second she was smiling sweetly. But now, now her chest heaved as she looked up at me, her cheeks and chest slightly flushed as she held the sheer lace fabric over her breasts. Her pink lips were slightly parted and her breath heavy as she looked at me, as she looked at my eyes and into my soul.

The way she looked at me, the way she sat so provocatively and yet so innocently, it made my pants tighten as my arousal grew, and her shoulders loosened, as a low growl rumbled in my chest. I pulled the emerald, green tie apart and tossed it to the ground, releasing the restrictions on my airway.

My wife held her chin up as I straddled her, pinning her legs to the bed with my own and pressing my lips against hers, slipping my tongue into mouth and exploring every inch of her. I ran my hands over her smooth shoulders and down her back letting my fingers trace her muscles and spine, tracing the strong woman who was mine.

Shifting my weight, I slipped the dress off her torso, and she ticked it to the floor – her shoes slipping off as she did so, and I was hit by the scent of her arousal – trapped under the layers of fabric. However, now that she was free, her cold hands had worked their way into my shirt, quickly tearing it off my body and over my head – not giving a dam about the button or the cuff links.

But I couldn’t have cared less, as her warm breasts hit my chest, I was reaching my limit.

I needed to taste her, to feel her. To be with her.

Slipping from her embrace, as small whine of objection came from her lips, making me chuckle deeply, I didn’t plan on stay away from her long. In fact, my belt hit the floor with a long thunk, and I swear she was mesmerised by my crotch as eyes were fixed to my manhood like glue.

Colliding with her body again, her cool skin and soft touch electrified me – sending shivers down every nerve in my body as I slipped into the warmth of her core and another whine came from her lips, but this time, it was my favourite type. The whine than came when I fully sheathed myself in her, the whine that made her toes curl, the whine that made her eyes close and her nails tear into my skin.

As I lowered her to the bed, slowly pulling myself out, I leant down to her ear. I sheathed myself again, and another whine left her lips, this time less restrained, “your face,” I purred, making her eyes snap open and look at me, “that noise, you show it to no one else, you understand?”

Another whimper erupted from within her a I slammed into her again, “understand?” I growled.

“Yes,” she panted.

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