Their Silver Moon

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Chapter 12 - Alice Black

Alice Black

His hand that was pressed onto my back was hot and clammy, and the sweat that dripped down our bodies as we collied with each thrust was like a warm blanket, in fact the whole room felt warm and stuffy – filled with the sound of flesh collided and the unbridled sounds coming from both of us.

But I was lost in it, the way he pulled our carefully and before I could feel empty, before I could register his absence, he had filled me again, rubbing against all the right spots as he pressed my upper back and chest into the bed, the way he pulled me against him with his other hand, gripping my hip with such intensity that I was sure I would wear bruises tomorrow.

Yet it didn’t matter, because.

He made my toes curl, and I dug my nails into the palms of my hands and clung to the sheets as he slammed in again, refusing to acknowledge my climax, refusing to slow despite the way my body hugged his, despite the way I camped down onto his man hood. Despite my scream of pleasure, he continued.

“Nate,” I gasped, as I reached out, another wave of pleasure washing over me before the last had finished.

His chest hit mine and he some how flipped me, while still leaving me impaled on his generosity. Green eyes boring into mine, I scanned his face as he thrust deeply into me again, making me shiver with pleasure, “you’re not getting away,” he growled, planting kisses down my jawline and tugging on the lobe of my ear.

“I will have you scream until you cannot speak,” he purred into my ear, his breath echoing throughout my head, and he thrust into me again, “I will have you gasp until there is no more air to breath,” he vowed, “I will never leave my wife, unsatisfied,” he promised.

“I’m satisfied,” I gasped, as he pressed into me with particular vigour and force, the air ripping from my lungs as he ground against my pelvis and another moan slipping from my lips.

“Then scream,” he commanded, and I whimpered as he pulled out.

And I screamed into his shoulder as he crashed back into me with all the force and power within him, his fingers now bruising my knees and thighs as he gripped my legs.

* * * * * * * * * *

His thumb brushed the corner of my mouth and then traced under my lip, his nail dragging slowly along my mouth as his gaze burnt into my mouth.

“You had toothpaste,” he said, an innocent smile carved on his face as his hand fell slightly, his gaze snapping back up to me eyes where his smile widened.

“Oh, thank you,” I grinned.

The innocence in his smile evaporated and his eyes fell back down to my lips, his fingers and hand carving my throat, eyeing me suspiciously and analysing my neck where I’d covered up one of the hickies he’d given me. “Apparently,” he said, his voice clinging to every syllable, “I didn’t fuck my wife hard enough last night,” he said, his eyes snapping to me dangerously, “I’ll have to amend that later.”

While my throat was hoarse and sore, I was now lost for words as his eyes sparkled lustfully, he planted a kiss softly on my lips and walked from the bathroom, “come, we have lunch with your friends,” he hummed.

There was something about it, something different, some power within him that had shifted, and I lean against the bathroom door, watching him strut across the room towards the closets, I watched his towel draped body and his firm tanned skin.

I was captivated by my gorgeous mate, the way the water dripped from his hair and carved down his back and shoulders, making him look like he was carved in marble by the gods, like he was carved for my touch, for my eyes, for me.

I could barely tear my eyes from him, as we left the house, walking hand in hand towards the city, but still – I couldn’t place my finger on what had shifted, what was different about how he carried himself, about the casual power that rippled off him so naturally. My love, my husband, my mate, my Alpha.

“Congratulations, Mrs. Black,” a familiar said and swirled around in Nate’s arms, and watched as Angel, Kyle and Steph walked around the corner, and I had to blink twice at Steph’s mate – which deep red hair, I almost thought he was Jenny, for a second, I thought she was with us, and I wondered if Steph felt the same.

“Actually,” Nate said, squeezing my hand, “It’s Dr. my wife worked hard for her title and so she should use it,” his words were soft and made me feel warm and fuzzy.

“Whatever,” Angel said, pulling me from Nate’s arms and giving me a huge hug as if she hadn’t seen me in years – despite the fact that it hadn’t been a day.

I watched out of the corner of my eye as Steph’s mate reluctantly realised her and she joined the hug, “congratulations, to both of you,” she said, “I’m so happy for you two, I’m so happy you guys were able to work everything out,” she laughed.

“And congratulations on you!” I said, pulling Steph back and admiring the glow of her smile – her casual and brooding face had been replaced with a warm smile and I knew that she had made the right decision moving for him.

As they released me, I held me hand out to her mate, “It’s nice to finally meet you Beta Barnes,” I smiled.

I felt Steph’s eyes glance nervously between us until his hand clasped my own firmly and he gave it a quick, but firm shake, “Please, call me Aaron,” he smiled, and I knew he was trying. Steph and Angel had talked to me endlessly about Steph’s mate, about how reluctant and protective he was, that he felt too threatened in our pack – a non-allied pack.

“Aaron,” I confirmed, “thank you for coming to our wedding and thank you for escorting Steph here, it meant the world that your mate could be one of my bridesmaids.”

“It was a pleasure to watch such as beautiful ceremony Luna Black, you and Alpha Black make quite the picture,” he said through his teeth, but I took it.

Author's Note:
Here, have two chapters tonight - I feel bad for ignoring you guys this week ;)
Also, you have no idea how excited I was to finally write "Alice Black"! I have been waiting since book one to change Alice's last name! [insert tears of joy here].

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