Their Silver Moon

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Chapter 13 - The Luna

Alice Black

I watched them out of the corner of my eye, I watched how my best friend moved, perfectly in sync with her mate, he was on high alert the whole time – his eyes constantly scanning, his body tense and ready to defend his mate, and yet every time he jumped, Steph’s hand fell onto him, softly, comfortingly. Each time his neck snapped towards something unseen or unheard, someone walking through the park, anything and everything, Steph would squeeze his hand or thigh, rub his arm or pet his knee. Without realising it they were working so harmoniously and after only a couple of months.

But when their eyes met, the ice he wore on his sleeve melted and I knew that he loved her so unconditionally.

I shifted my weight off Nate and flopped onto Steph, his eyes snapped to me as I snaked my arm with Steph and I looked at his brown eyes, as he assessed me, assessing the threat, assessing my own strength and assessing my mate. He was smart – I had no doubt that he was a seasoned Beta of the pack he haled from, but he needed to relax.

“When you two go home, you should talk to your Alpha about an alliance,” I smiled.

Something sparkled in Steph’s eyes as she looked at me as I continued the staring contest with Aaron, “do you have the authority to make such a call?” he asked.

Angel and Kyle stifled their laughter, and I could feel Nate grinning behind me, “what makes you think that I don’t?” I asked, cocking my head dangerously.

Aaron stiffened slightly and his gaze danced between myself and Nate, who was lounged out casually on the grass, his fingers tracing curls on my legs that were still tossed over his lap, “I’m sorry Luna Black, I just-” he said, now doubting himself.

“You have heard nothing but scary and intimidating things about my mate?” I asked.

Aaron nodded.

“You’ve heard he’s a murderer, and a killer, a harsh and strict ruler, a wolf of the night and a mercilessly man.”

This time Aaron didn’t nod, but his eyes were fixed on my own, and I could feel his discomfort growing as I leaned over Steph slightly – who had frozen with her hand on Aaron’s thigh. “All of these things of course are true,” I purred, the grin on my face sly, “but you should know – he is not the one you need to be afraid of.”

His adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed.

“Alice,” Steph warned, and I turned quickly, planting a kiss on her head and embracing her tightly.

“What has little mate told you about me? Beta Aaron,” I purred, keeping my voice smooth and relaxed.

Aaron swallowed and looked between Steph and myself, his eyes asking a million questions of his mate and I had no doubt that they were talking through the mind link, “it is not what Stephanie has told me, but what rumours I have herd of you,” he replied, finding confidence from nowhere, he met my gaze once again.

“Oh? I do love a good gossip?” I grinned mischievously, “what do they say?”

Aaron stuttered, clearly taken aback that I was so intrigued, “what do they say? What do people say about the Luna of the Moon Pack?” I asked, this time, it was more commanding, more demanding.

Aaron’s gaze darted around those in the pack, lingering on Nate for a second longer, “don’t worry, he won’t hurt you,” I dismissed, “what do they say?”

“Well, there are two things, really,” he said, exhaling deeply, “some people say that you are a weak human, who was kidnapped, that Alpha Black keeps you heavily guarded within compounds and fortresses, that he marked you against your will and –“ he paused, his eyes sparkling with reluctance to continue.

“Go on,” I urged.

“That he rapes and beats you,” Aaron finished.

I felt Nate shift his legs behind me, and his hand fell onto my leg, tracing smooth swirls, circle and hearts onto my skin. I knew that, that would not sit well with him, especially with what I had gone through, I knew that Nate would now spend his life trying to sponge away the image that he was an abusive mate. He could live as a murderer, but not as what he was not.

“And the other?”

Aaron swallowed nervously, it was clear he had sensed Nate moving which had only made him more anxious, “the other is that you were a great warrior, that you and Alpha Black were not destined mates, but he hunted you down and marked you as his own, so that his bloodline would be stronger. That the Luna is some legendary warrior and mythical beast.”

“That one is slightly more accurate,” Jamie said, as he appeared behind Aaron making him jump to his feet.

“Beta Jamie,” Aaron said, thrusting his hand out to shake Jamie’s.

Jamie took Aarons and shook it, giving him a devilish grin, “it appears as though that rumour may be my fault, after all, it was my job to track you down Alice,” he chuckled.

Aaron snapped his neck back around and looked between the three of us, clearly confused, his eyes begging to know the truth.

“Nathaniel and I are fated mates,” I clarified, “but when we first met, I was probably more human that wolf, however, the love and care that Nate offered me, let me become the warrior that I am, the ‘mythical beast’ if you would,” I chuckled.

Nate sat up and snaked his arm around my waist and pulled me away from Steph and onto his lap, “Alice single handily ended a civil war,” he said, his voice seemed rougher than normal, “in which I made a mistake and executed Jenny, for the part that her mate played in the war. Because of this, Alice left me and that’s where the rumour that I hunted her down came from – I’d sent Beta Jamie off to track her down,” I looked into his green eyes and they sparkled back into mine, “but I could never harm her,” he said softly.

Jamie cleared his throat and shuffled his feet, “I did actually come here to steal away your mate, if you’ll allow it, Luna,” he said. It sounded weird coming from Jamie’s lips, using such formal titles and names.

I kissed Nate’s lips softly and slid off his lap, back onto the ground, “of course.

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