Their Silver Moon

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Chapter 14 - The Alpha

Nathaniel Black

It amused me that Alice had a growing reputation, but I was not proud of the part that I played in it, I could not stand the thought that I was seen as so heartless that I could hurt my mate, that I could beat her or rape her. The only scars that Alice and I had given each other were emotional and physiological.

I had broken the day she left me, and I still was not sure that the part of me that left when she had, would ever return, would ever heal. That there would always be a part of me that feared that she would leave, again. Because if I knew, if she stopped loving me, I was not sure that I could live, that I would survive that heart break.

“There have been some issues with Rouges on the Northern Boundary,” Jamie said softly as we walked away from the group, lounging the Spring sun.

“What type?” I asked, taking the tablet that he handed me, and I looked at the reports.

“There were a couple of incidents, nothing major, the border patrol snuffed those out. But they’re now happening up to three times a day, they’ve tripled the guard, but they’re not sure where they’re coming from.”

I scanned the photographs attached, and absorbed the information provided, “do you think it has anything to do with the attack on the pack house?” Jamie asked and I stopped, and looked up at the burned husk of the pack house, now stabilised the structure stood like a skeleton.

“The pack house was magic, undeniably so. I want to say, witched and warlocks don’t usually work well with werewolves, but Gina was mated to one, she was half wolf too. Which tells me it could have been an interspecies alliance. So yes, there is the chance that they’re connected.”

Jamie’s face soured and he crossed his arms, “sorry for taking you away on your honeymoon,” he said.

“It’s not really a honeymoon,” I shrugged, flicking through some more of the information. “I want to take her to Paris, I know it’s a cliché, but I think she’d love it, the art and the architecture.”

Jamie nodded and looked back towards the group, Alice was now laughing at something, and Aaron continued to look rigid and uncomfortable, “I think she’d like that,” he agreed.

“But you were right to show me these things, I think we’ll have to travel North.”

“Alice won’t be happy about that.”

“Not now, I’ll wait – we need to the time.”

“Are you two, okay?” Jamie asked and I looked at him, his blue eyes seemed to try to burn into my soul.

“Yes,” I replied simply, “but I want us to be more than okay, I want us to work together perfectly, harmoniously.”

* * * * * * * * * *

I whisked her out of the dining hall, we didn’t dine together much as a pack – mostly because the sheer amount of people and the size of the land. But tonight, it was an open invite. I was thankful that some of the pack house remained unscathed, still intact, and not likely to fall down.

Because I was energized to seem my people flooding into the dining hall and out into the patio area, tables of food and drink set to feed hundreds. Yesterday, my mate and I married, today, this week we celebrated. Alice and I had once showed the pack that we were a united front, we had danced and dined together – even when she could not stand my touch.

But now, as my hand traced the muscles in her arm as she stood at my side, she did not recoil at my touch, she did not shiver or jump. No, she leaned into my body, she rested her head on my shoulder and breathed in my scent deeply, she revelled in the warmth of my body and the stress fell from her shoulders at my lingering kiss.

I couldn’t control myself any longer, her mouth opened in objection as I pardoned us from the evening and took her into the hallway. Her objection had almost formed words in her mouth, but not before I devoured the words before they left her lips. Her touch burned my skin and electrified my soul, and I needed her.

I tore my lips away from hers and looked down into her eyes, nearly glowing in the darkness of the hallway. Blinking at me and looking into my soul it was like her complaints had been forgotten, in this moment, I wanted it to be just us, but the music flowed through the doors off the hall, cruelly reminding me of the indecency and public nature of what I was about to do.

Pushing her against the wall and trapping her – I pinned her dress to the wall with my knee between her legs and embraced her body firmly with my hands, grasping at her skin and dress. The warmth of her skin left me tingling, it left me feeling like the touch of her hands on my neck, arms and lips was painted, the same warmth filling my lungs as I embraced her and inhaled her scent deeply.

I think Spring is now my favourite season – because it reminds me of the taste of her lips.

Thanking the spilt in her dress, my hand wandered up her thigh and a growl of approval left my lips as I discovered the dampness between her legs. Moaning into my mouth, I drew circles on her skin and sensitive places, and her knees wobbled as I brought her to a sudden orgasm.

Her nails where now stabbing though my shirt and into my skin, her grip on me strong and fierce as I continued my touch. I planted my lips on hers, just before she let out a loud moan.

Perhaps we were too close to the door.

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