Their Silver Moon

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Chapter 15 - Her Lover

Nathaniel Black

I hoisted her up, and she obediently and intuitively wrapped her legs around my waist and looked into my eyes. Her chest and cheeks were now slightly flushed and her breath was heavy as she panted, the confusion was now lust and longing. Her lips met my own as she kissed me, as if thanking me.

The kiss made the tightening in my pants only more aggressive, and it took all the strength and will power I had to not take her right there. Stepping back from the wall, her grip on me tightened and I carried her into the hallways of the pack house – the half at least that was still standing.

It wasn’t much, but the stereotype aroused me and her tongue down my throat told me my wife, wasn’t going to mind the store closet I’d found. The door latched closed behind me and before it was closed I’d knelt before my Luna and whisked the black lace thong she was wearing down her legs and to her ankles.

Lifting her leg over my shoulder I gave her core a clean lick and her body shiver and she clutched my head and shoulder for stability as she staggered. Her back arched and she bit down on her own hand as I eagerly consumed her – the scent of her arousal, the scent of her, it drove me crazy.

“Bend over,” I growled, removing myself from between her legs and undoing my belt and pant.

Her eyes dropped to what sprang free of my pants and she was still clinging to the shelves of the closet, her legs still shaking, and her cheeks and chest now flushed drastically as her breasts rose and fell with each heavy breath.

She turned around and began to bend over and I took a handful of her dress, tossing it to the side, “I like the spit,” I growled, my voice coming out rougher than what I anticipated, “very practical,” I added, as I thrust my length into her.

A scream left her lips, and I quickly placed my hand over her mouth as it transformed into a moan as I ground my hips against hers. Still, lodged deeply within her, I brought her head closer to mine, “if you’re quiet, someone might find us,” I whispered and I thrust assertively in her, another moan hitting my hand.

“Or would you rather I punish you for each noise you make?” I asked, and I realised her waist, letting my hand travel down towards her arse and circled the round form with the palm of my hand, like the rest of her body, her arse was smooth and milky, a light tan colouring it and I gave her a firm smack.

This time, it wasn’t a moan, but a small whimper of pleasure and she tightened around me, “that’s better,” I growled, removing my hand from her mouth I pulled out and thrust into her again.

* * * * * * * * * *

She no longer fought the river, she had done excellently in training, a natural talent kicked off with her first-time training with Jamie. But now every movement she made was flawless and she could beat me and Jamie, one hundred times over. It was like the water wasn’t even there, despite not having trained in the river regularly, her power had only grown, despite not shifting regularly like the rest of us, the relationship she had with her wolf was stronger than ever.

The water beat against her skin and clothes, her hair flew like a white flag behind her, only the tips wet as no one had yet been able to knock her off her feet. “It’s like the water isn’t even there,” I said to Jamie as she sparred with one of the other trainees.

“I know,” he said in agreement, his arms were crossed, and he was scowling, “how dose she do that?” he asked.

“I have no idea,” I crooned.

“But you’re the same,” Jamie said turning to me and looking at me slightly disgusted, “I mean look at you, you’re waist deep and you don’t even look tense.”

I looked down, he wasn’t completely wrong, but my legs were flexed and I’d tucked one of my feet under a larger rock that my other foot was pressing down on I was relying on my own body weight to keep my firmly placed on the ground.

But Alice was moving too swiftly, her steps still looked light as she seemed to dance around the trainee, none of his punches, swipes or kicks hitting their mark, falling short or being blocked and brushed off.

“Have you told her we need to travel North?” Jamie said, snapping me out of the trance my mate held on me.

“No, not yet.”

“Mhmm,” Jamie said, throwing me a judgmental look.

“What, would you want to tell Grace you needed to go North for an unknown period of time after your wedding?” I asked.

Jamie chuckled, “I tell Grace everything,” he snickered, you and her are really the only two people I have,” he said, giving me shoulder a friendly punch.

“I think Alice would be hurt,” I said, looking back at my mate.

“She’s been avoiding me,” he sighed.

“I’ve noticed, do you know why?”

“I have a hunch, I was hoping you’d know more.”

“Alpha Hassan had blue eyes,” Jamie said, forcing a smile and I looked at my Beta. He’d always reminded me of the sun, the way his long sandy coloured hair sparkled and looked like chains of gold, his tanned skin complementing his look and to top it off, his eyes were blue like the summer sky.

I remember the looks, the begging in Hassan’s eyes, as I escorted him to his death. His eyes were full of life and arrogance until Alice handed him his sentence and he realised he’d had his last meal. As the wolves tore as his body, avenging their Luna, as I avenged my wife, his eyes met mine and the white, icy blue pieced into my soul as the life was ripped from his body. I looked into his soul as it left his body, as the pack and my mate watched.

I’d buried his head, those eyes. Unmarked in the forest ground, Alice had cursed him, without an official burial, without a honourable death or a marked grave, without his body intact, his soul would never pass onto the Moon. He would never meet the Moon Spirits he would never ascend, not as an Alpha, not as a werewolf. He was now nothing but dirt and dust.

“His eyes were colder than yours,” I said, “like ice, yours are so much warmer.”

Jamie smiled, “it’s alright, I get it,” he said, “I get it. So long as she knows I’m always here for her if she needs me.”

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