Their Silver Moon

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Chapter 02 - Burning Lovers

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Nathaniel Black

The roar of the fire eating away at the building made my stomach churn, the stone lower levels and foundations cracking as the upper floors creaked - the timber twisted behind the orange glow of flames. Tiles falling from the roof top, and I could now hear sirens blaring in the distance, as the firefighters raced towards the blaze.

Men and women now fleeing from the building, I rushed through the hundreds, looking for her. My eyes landed on a head of black, sunken to her knees in front of the blazing flames, “Pet,” I shouted, pushing a few of those feeling for their lives to the side, “where is Alice,” I asked.

She turned slowly to look at me, and I wasn’t sure if it was the smoke or something else that had her eyes stains red and tears streaming down her face, she didn’t answer merely turning back to look at the blaze ahead, “Patricia,” I growled, finally reaching her and firmly placing my hand on her shoulder – but her body was so cold, and she shook like a leaf. “What happened?” I asked the concern switching to that of my sister.

A section of the roof collapsed, sending a cloud of smoke and fire roaring towards the sky, the flames doubling the height of the building as the glass windows shattered, sending screams into the crowds, “move back,” I ordered, picking up Patricia and throwing her over my shoulder, “everybody, out of the way, go to the training grounds.” I growled.

I handed Patricia to a guard and began to filter through the crowd as they quickly moved away from the building, ’Where the fuck are you,’ I hissed at Alice but my words hit a stone cold wall. The panic set in.

Another twang of pain, radiated through my chest, another person had died, and my blood began to boil, “Alice,” I roared, hoping she could hear me, my voice echoing above the cracking of timber as the fire surged.

“Alpha Black,” one of the fire fighters said, cautiously keeping his distances, “you need to step back, the wing could collapse.

“Then find me my mate,” I hissed, and I felt my eyes blackening as my wolf roared inside me, vicious and unruly, wanting to risk it all to leap into the flames, to extinguish the flames, to tear the building apart and bring her out.

My head snapped to the end of the wing, where another section of roof collapse, sending more smoke into the air, the thick skeleton of the building now exposed as the plasterboard had turned to ash, as peoples belongs drifted on the wind, now nothing but soot. I heard their footsteps on the floor, the padding of feet on the marble tiles, hot, sweaty, sticky feet, racing towards the door.

Children, cradled in the arms of adults, elderly, being led quickly from the building and a young woman cradled in the arms of my mate. Her silver-white hair had been tossed to the side, knotted and streaked with black soot, it glowed orange in the light of the fire, her long shirt ripped, dirty and had a splatter of blood. Her eyes burning as she led those around her from the building, quickly passing off the woman in her arms to a fire fighter, before she urged more people out of the building.

“What on earth were you thinking?” I said, scooping her up and carrying her away from the building.

Her brow furrowed and she moved her head away from me, pushing herself out of my arms and planting her feet back on the ground, “I was saving the lives of fifteen people, fifteen members of my pack that I would not watch burn alive,” she stated, her brow creasing as she scowled at me. “Where were you?” she finished, her voice exasperated.

* * * * * * * * * *

“Your pack?” I growled; my words rough as they left my lips.

She swallowed, her neck glistening from sweat, and I ran my fingers down it - massaging the muscle that connected her head to her shoulder, tracing her collar bone with my thumb, smearing the dirt that clung to her body.

She opened her mouth, but no words came out, “your pack members,” I purred, hoisting her further up the wall I’d pushed her into, feeling the electricity that surged through me as her legs wrapped around me, only making it easier for me to hold her there.

“Does that mean-” I said, letting my words hang in the air as I kissed her neck, a small groan escaping from her lips as I traced my mark on her neck, the silver sparkling in the darkness of entry.

“Does that mean, you’re staying?” I finished, rubbing my crotch against her pelvis, making her muscles relax and loosen as I ground against her, “are you giving me an answer?” I purred.

“Yes,” she rasped.

“Yes, you’re giving me answer, or your answer is yes,” I said, nipping at her neck as I pinned her arms above her head.

“Yes,” she said again, as I hitched her shirt above her hips and caressed her arse and thighs through the thin shorts, she was wearing underneath.

“You’ll marry me?” I asked, needing the confirmation.

“Yes,” she gasped as I bit the mark on her neck.

“You’ll be my wife?” I asked, pulling the shirt off over her head.

“Yes,” she said, wrapping her arms around me and pressing her exposed chest onto my skin.

“You’ll be my Luna?” I asked, kissing her forcefully.

She nodded, “yes.”

“You’ll-” I started, but she kissed me, forcing her tongue into my mouth, making me forget the words I was going to say.

She pushed her body against me, knocking me backwards, I wrapped my arms around her and fell onto my back where she now straddled me, and leaned down the warmth of her body pressed against mine only arousing me further, and her lips trailing up my chest and neck, grazing the two marking on my neck and hovering next to my ear.

“You’re not getting rid of me anymore.”

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