Their Silver Moon

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Chapter 27 - My Luna

Patricia Black

She looked horrendous, but in that way, we matched. Alice had always held this glow to her the whole time I’d known her, it was like she sparkled and shimmered, like an spirit, she seemed pure and untouchable, incomparable and unparallel. My brother had truly an incredible mate.

But this woman who I followed through the mountains; this was not that woman. Her posture and her body was so much looser, her movements less calculated and more dangerous and unpredictable. Her smile had been washed over by a constant scowl and the dark bags under her eyes only made her look more eerie, more mythical. Dressed in blacks and greys, I was sure if someone came across us right now, they would think she was some mythical dark elf.

If looks could kill, the trees would writher and wilt in her path, the sun would set, and the moon would be too afraid to rise.

“There is something I should tell you,” she said suddenly, stopping and turning to look at me, we hadn’t talked all night and well into the morning.

I swallowed, her gaze sent shivers down my spine, after all, she was still the Luna, “okay,” I choaked out.

“I’m pregnant,” she said, her words hanging in the air and her gaze piecing into my soul, waiting for me to flee, to panic, to regret this mission we’d hatched.

“I know,” I breathed and the words came out of my mouth before I could stop them.

Her eyes seemed to come to life and a light behind them gleamed in the early morning sunlight, “you know?” she asked.

I nodded, “If Nate hadn’t disappeared, I wouldn’t have noticed, but his scent still lingers to you.”

Her shoulders sagged a little and she looked up at the sky that rippled through the foliage, it was a crisp morning and the light blue sky was a nice contrast to the dark blue shadows that had surrounded us, “of course,” she whispered, “do I smell different, now?” she asked,

“Not yet, but it will start to happen soon.”

She nodded and looked back down at me, “and you still escaped with me?” she asked.

“it’s not escaping,” I shrugged, “you’re the Luna after all, you weren’t exactly locked up with a lock and key. Plus! We’re still in the pack boundaries.”

“We should keep going,” she said, looking down at her watch, “Jamie will be awake by now, he’ll realise we’re missing soon.”

“I’d give it till midday,” I countered.

Alice shook her head, “no, he checks in on me after training, he’ll shower and then head over to mine, even if I’m asleep – or if he thinks I’m asleep.”

“Why?” I asked, suddenly feeling more anxious.

“He’s afraid,” she said, now continuing the conversation as we paced through the forest, her steps still quick and her pace unchanging from when we slipped past the guards and city wall.

“Of what?”

Her foot faltered for a moment, and she nearly slipped on a fallen tree, “that I’ll get rid of the child, while Nate isn’t here. He still thinks that one of his patrols will find him and bring him home. He’s afraid that I will have decided I won’t be able to do this without him and that I’ll give up. He already thinks I’ve given up.”

Her words hit me like a blow to the chest, and I thought of the rage and fury that would flow through Nate if he found out Alice had gotten rid of their child, even if she miscarried, he’d be devastated and blame it on himself. “Have you given up?” I asked.

She turned and offered me her hand, hoisting me up the log that she’d slipped on and she didn’t let go of my hand, looking into my eyes, I felt the urge to apologies and offer my neck in submission, “I’ve lost faith that Jamie will bring Nate home, I’ve lost faith that Nate can escape your mate, and I’ve accepted that if I don’t act, I will be a single parent.”

Her words were like blows to my chest and I now realised that she still held my hand to stabiles me, to stop me from falling back down onto the ground. “My mate?” I asked.

“I have a hunch,” she replied and stepped down off the log.

I followed behind her, “please tell me,” I begged, and I felt the hesitation in the silence between us.

“I will kill him if I have to Pet,” she said, not looking at me and her words made my wolf whine, we couldn’t disobey our Luna, but the months we’d spent being teased by the lingering scent our mate had left, was driving us insane. Every inch of my body ached in his absence, and I felt addicted to him already, I dreamed of him when I closed my eyes, I dreamed of a man I’d never seen or met, I’d dreamed of his scent and his touch.

“But that’s why I wanted you to come with me,” she added, clearly feeling my wolf’s misery.

“So I can watch him be executed.”

She looked over her shoulder and a sadness seemed laced in her eyes, “I don’t think he knows about you,” she replied, “I think he left apart of himself here, and yet he wasn’t really here at all. I think he dosen’t know he has a mate, you are my secret weapon, I’m hoping that the bastard will see you, and want a trade.”

“So you want to trade me for Nate?” I asked.

“No,” she replied sharply, “I’d never do that, not you, not to anyone, you’re not his possession Pet.”

I swallowed her words, “Aren’t you afraid I might betray you? For him.”

Her pony tail flicked as she shook her head, “Never,” she replied and she turned back to look at me, running her thumb and finger along my cheek, “you’re family Pet, and you’re just as strong as he is, when he sees you, he will realise what he left in Savage River, was not just destruction and he will do anything for you.”

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