Their Silver Moon

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Chapter 32 - Follow Me into The Dark

Alice Black

“Shift back,” I ordered Patricia, and her wolf nodded her head, slinking off into the trees. She returned a minute later, her clothes slightly amiss due to the her haste in returning and dressing, her eyes still wolf-like with her pupil heavily dilated.

“Are you okay?” she asked, and I removed the last of the blood from my fingerprints.

“I don’t trust your wolf around your mate,” I said, standing and looking her from head to toe. She swallowed and laced her fingers together, “are you okay?” I asked, standing, and brushing a lock of her hair back behind her ear.

“No,” she answered honestly and as my fingers brushed her skin lightly, I felt the race of her heartbeat.

“I will protect you Pet, always.”

“What if the line lies between lies between me and Nate?” she asked.

“Then I will shift.”

“Alice,” Patricia said, beginning to object.

“Don’t, it’s my choice,” I said shutting the conversation down. I linked her arm in mine and began the walk towards the now unguarded hole in the border. The golden light, big enough for a man or wolf to walk through, perhaps two – shoulder to shoulder.

“What is that?” Patricia asked as we drew closer.

“I have a hunch,” was my only reply and my mind raced as his scent lingered so close and yet so far away.

“Luna Alice,” a voice said, making Patricia jump and whip around with a snarl. “I’m going to have to ask you to not go near that, on the Alpha and Beta’s orders,” the voice said, coming again from the shadows and a guard dusted in snow and ice tracked her way out of the snow. I couldn’t see a lot of what she looked like, but something about her seemed familiar, something I couldn’t place.

“Who are you to command the Luna?” Patricia said, relaxing her shoulders slightly, trying to undermine the woman.

“It’s Mary,” I replied, suddenly the memory – while not mine, filling the void I’d found inside my head. “Isn’t it.”

She nodded, “It is Ma’am, although I’m not sure how, I don’t think we’ve been introduced.”

“We haven’t,” I confirmed, blinking at her slowly. “The Alpha and I are rather more communicative than what you might have anticipated though,” I replied.

She stopped not far from where the path where she’s strayed, clearly on her usual patrol of the territory, “Dose the Alpha and Beta know you’re here?” she asked.

“What makes you think they don’t?” I replied, cocking my head and making her shift uncomfortably.

She chewed her lip but didn’t reply. After all, she had no real authority, not over me, not over Pet.

I turned and stepped across the boundary, just as I suspected Nate had. Following his scent that mixed amongst the foully sweet stench that came from the hole, no, hole was not the right word. It was a portal, a warlock’s portal, left open and waiting for me to enter.

A sudden step toppled me and I caught Patricia as she lunged behind me as the portal swallowed us up and vanished behind us, fear and lust staining her face as her arms shook and she looked at me with silent fear.

Two men, clad in silver jumped to life and their faces paled at the sight of us as I stood to my full height and looked at them down the length of my nose, as they themselves exchanged glances between one another. “Well go on,” I quipped, my words sharp making them jump, “Go tell Lord Seth, that I’m here.”

“Of course Ma’am,” the older of the two said, grabbing the arm of his companion and quickly dragging him off down the hallway.

“Lord Seth?” Patricia asked, as her knees only sunk lower to the floor.

“Your mate, are you alright?” I said as her body failed her.

“How are you not?” she cringed, her face contorting as she writhed in discomfort.

I sighed and hoisted her up, letting her feet graze on the ground while holding her weight, “how do you know my mate’s name?” she gasped as the cold air seemed to suck us down the hallway that the two men had disappeared down, “how did you know Mary’s name?”

I opened my mouth to answer, when I heard his screams echo throughout the stone walls and the corners that drooped and twisted throughout the earth and rock of the mountain. I was not sure if my blood was boiling or my body was freezing, but I knew that my stomach churned as I listened to the air rip from his lungs, as my mate sobbed and ran his throat raw.

My body slowly turning numb as I tried to ignore the torture that my mate was undergoing, as I controlled the urge to flatten the castle, the mountain, to find him. As I controlled my wolf who growled in the back of my mind, as I attempted to subdue the inevitable transformation as my fingers shifted between skin and fur, as my arms shook by my side, as I glared at the back of the stone walls that lead into the unlit darkness.

Patricia’s question fell unanswered and the colour seemed to drain from her face as darkness embraced us and I cursed this warlock, her mate, Lord Seth.

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