Their Silver Moon

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Chapter 33 - Strawberries and Cream

Seth Colton

It is an extension of yourself, to let the energy flow from your being and into what you wish to control, to change, to create. That is what magic is.

“My Lord, the woman has arrived, but she isn’t alone, someone slipped through the castle with her,” a guard reported, his voice lined with panic.


“Another woman,” he clarified.

“Did you at least ask their names? Clarify who they are?” I asked.

I felt his unease, discomfort, “N, no,” he stuttered.

“So, you left them there?” I said, now finding myself irritated with their incompetence.

“She didn’t feint,” the other guard said.

“Well, one of them looked like she was about to pass out, the other told us to tell you; that she’s arrived.”

I opened my eyes, but focus on the hall around me, but the passageways within my home. The stone walls that I’d carved and built, the lights that I’d ignited and the stairways that I’d carved. An extension of myself – a mere tool cast by my magic. And they were right, two women walked the halls – for now, to nowhere.

“Tell who?”

“She, used your name, my Lord.”

“What name specifically?”

“Lord Seth.”

I let the smile form of my face, refocusing my gaze into the room where I sat, “bring them to me,” I whispered to the castle, and it would do just that.

As the large oak doors swung open, I waved the two guards away from the podium where I lounged, and they stepped into line with the guards who lined the walls the warlocks under my control and finger.

I looked into the eyes of the man who I had captured. No, I looked into the eyes of his sister, but the way that they glistened, the way that she looked at me, it wasn’t with hatred, loathing or disgust. It was something else I did not recognise. Her tanned complexion looked out of place amongst us, her smooth and flawless skin – I was captivated by it, by the urge to touch it, to touch her.

Tearing my eyes from her strong features, I was surprised to see Nathaniel’s wife standing so tall, so unaffected by the magic I’d cast, when the power and realisation overcame. Like stones falling into place, it made sense. The connection they had, the bond they shared, the two marks that he carried on his shoulder, his inability to die. She had taken his heart – and she didn’t even know that she had. She wasn’t just a werewolf, she was something, so much more powerful than I could have ever imagined.

She was the queen of beasts, with unmatched power. Magic flowered through her like a conductive vessel, pouring out into the room, stiffening my guards with fear as they watched the unseen clouds of power radiate from her. She could amplify the power and weaknesses of her opponent.

She would win any battle without trying.

She was unbeatable.

Her eyes of white bore into me, as her gaze scanned me, had I been human had I been able to feel fear, I’m sure the emotion would have hit me with the force of the sun. But she was just a young mortal, a pup, looking for her mate. She did not know of the power within her, she didn’t know how to control it, to wield it.

I couldn’t win if she decided to end my immortal life.

“Alice,” I grinned, “it’s so nice to finally meet you, Nathaniel has told me so much about you.”

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