Their Silver Moon

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Chapter 34 - Lies and Truths

Alice Black

The glistening chains that he wore slithered and moved across his skin like snakes as he moved, sweeping up his sleeves, dancing in and out of the fabric that engulfed his body and reappearing somewhere else. It was as if no part of him stayed still, no part of him was normal and he did not even try to disguise it. He stood swiftly, his grey skinned hands still clasping at the throne of skulls and bones as he looked at the two of us intensely, his gaze lingering on Patricia and I felt the urge to step between them, to protect my sister-in-law.

Even if he didn’t know what it was, I could see the way his gaze lingered on her. Patricia’s heart, thudding loudly – like a ringing in my ears. But of all things, I was relieved Nate’s screams had spotted. I wasn’t sure if it was because we were now too far away, or the torture had stopped, but it felt like I was breathing for the first time.

“Are you here to kill me, Alice?” he asked. Swiftly starting to close the space between us and he flicked his robe dramatically, pushing the black fabric up to his elbows as he halted himself in front of me. “Is that what you want?” he purred.

“Do you not want to kill me?” I asked, “did you not threaten my husband with such a claim?” I asked, glaring into his eyes as he looked down at me.

A chuckle carried it’s way on his breath, but as he breathed in, his eyes ticked towards Patricia, his head following his gaze and he now looked at her. Eyes questioning everything, trying to understand, trying to comprehend what was happening to his body and mind. “Who have you brought with you?” he asked.

“This is my husband’s sister, Patricia.”

“Patricia,” he said, and somehow the way he said her name felt so intimate.

“Do you want to kill me and my husband, Lord Seth Carlton?” I said, drawing out each syllable in his name.

His attention snapped back towards me, and he cocked his head, as if he were trying to read in a language he didn’t understand, “No,” he said and the words felt forced.

“He’s lying,” Patricia said, her voice hoarse, making Seth twitch and his finger stretched as he tried to control the urge to embrace his mate, to relieve the pain she was going through.

“Why would I lie?” he questioned, and he swiftly circled us – I felt his eyes dance across the blades I had hilted on my body, his nails dragged the skin on my neck, specifically Nate’s mark and a wash of emotion suddenly filled me, the numbness disappeared. The weight on my shoulders lifted.

“Why would you tell the truth?” Patricia hissed, and his gaze lingered, intimately memorising every inch of Patricia, lingering on each inch of skin and every curve. His hand finally reached out to her and I pulled her into my arm and chest, before catching his wrist.

I clicked my tongue, “Silver, Seth,” I sneered, “of has your time in this cave made you forget?” I asked.

“Oh no, your husband is very fond of silver,” he said, and his eyes sparkled dangerously as they met mine once more. “But you don’t seem to mind.”

“Take off the silver and I’ll tell you who she is,” I said, and I felt Patricia’s grip on my shirt tighten.

“Take off my skin?” another wicked grin dancing dangerously across his face.

I simply looked back at him.

“Okay,” he conceded, and I released his wrist. Rolling his neck, a series of cracks filled the hall and echoed throughout the stone walls and warlocks and witches who lingered on the edges of the room. The silver chains, snaked and fell from his body, disappearing into cracks of the stone pavers, he threw his arms out and a black smoke poured from the palms of his hands. His spine cracked as it arched and he looked up at the ceiling before brushing his hands over his face, his long black hair running through his hands.

However, as his hands moved out of the way, his skin had changed. The grey and silver replaced with an ivory and flawless skin, his hair shortened as his hands ran down his neck and the black robes seemed to still – the lines that had once been blurred between reality and magic became more clear. But the fabric continued to move and weave until a well fitted suit clung to his body.

“Who is she?” he asked.

“Nathaniel isn’t just my husband, he’s my mate,” I said.

And Patricia closed her mouth – in awe from his magic, from the transformation from Warlock to man. I loosened the grip I had on her as she tried to stand, as she tried to step towards him, as her finger’s loosened the grip on me. The way they looked at each other.

“Mate,” Seth said, the word so foreign on his lips, but music to Patricia’s ears.

Seth’s hand reached out and he stepped towards her, it was like the reunion of long-lost lovers, like the moment they see each other when they thought they would never meet again. He clicked his fingers, and I felt the spell lift from Patricia – mid stride her strength returned, and she nearly lunged towards him.

His fingers grazed the skin on her cheek, and I saw the way they both shivered, I saw the way they wished to melt into each other’s touch. “Mate,” Patricia confirmed.

I pulled Patricia away and grasped her back into one arm. The passion and longing quickly turned to anger, as whatever within him – what ever his equivalent of a wolf was, reeled at the tease of her touch. What ever it was inside him – it wanted Patricia, it wanted Patricia more than he could ever had known.

“Where is husband Seth?” I commanded.

He smiled, was that disgusting wicked smile.

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