Their Silver Moon

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Chapter 35 - Ink Meets Paper

Alice Black

The table and chairs appeared in the middle of the room, and we’d taken our seats. Peace talks had been things between wolves, between packs, a way of keeping rouges in order, keeping tabs on rebellious packs and covens of witches, warlocks, vampires… Trying to keep order amongst those who were but a fairy tale to the humans.

I could have never imagined that Seth would suggest a treaty.

That he would offer us protection and us him.

That his lands would become ours and he would but rule another territory within our pack. That he wished to be – not just our ally, but our resident warlock. Such an alliance had never happened, every, not once in history. Witches and Warlocks had always looked down on werewolves, in fact, our legends said it was a witch who cursed the first werewolf. A lover’s quarrel had started it all, and here I sat, starting the end – for love.

I looked down at the scroll of parchment that had appeared, and transcribed out the conditions, the order and the treaty.

“Does everything seem to be in order?” he asked, the desperation well hidden from his voice. But he knew, he knew I would never allow him and Pet to be together if he was an enemy – And this treaty, it stated that any prior treasons were to be expunged, that he, or any of his people, couldn’t be punished or held accountable for what they had done.

“I have no further objects,” I stated, looking back up at him.

His eyes sparkled and his gaze danced over Patricia, seated beside me, her feet twitching as she seemed to control an urge to lunge at him. As she reeled in her wolf, who I could see whispering her ear. The scroll fluttered across the table, and he pulled a pen from nowhere, sighing away the paper first. “There,” he purred, “now you, my Luna.”

I smile twitched at my lips as the scroll and pen worked back towards me, “why are you doing this Seth?” I asked, and he swallowed anxiously.

He stood and worked his way back around the table, he ran his fingers down Patricia’s shoulders and arms, standing protectively behind her – it was as if he’d never felt love before. Like he’d never had someone he needed to protect, “I don’t know,” he said.

“Lies,” Patricia said, flinching at his words.

His head cocked on the side, and he grimaced.

“Kneel,” I ordered, and his knees hit the stone-cold ground. He’d never felt the power of an Alpha before, he didn’t know what he’d gotten himself into by signing first.

A grin cracked across his face, and he laughed, looking from me to the floor where his knees seemed to be planted, “Luna,” he cooed.

“Why?” I asked again, this time – it was an order.

“I cannot beat you Luna, you have a magic within you I have never seen before. Not in my hundreds of years, not in any book, never. Should you wish kill me, well – I wouldn’t have been able to scratch you,” he said.

His words filled my head, “why did you start this?” I asked.

He smiled again, “Regina was kin, her mother asked for revenge. Revenge on a Luna and Alpha who had sentenced her to a sadistic death,” he said, and the words sounded like ash in his mouth.


“No, Kate is her sister. Though I would like to know how you know so much about the inner workings of my court.”

I smiled and sighed my name on the paper, “When you took my mate from me, insanity and I danced a fine line. It didn’t take long to realise I could control when I could see through mate’s eyes, it didn’t take long to figure out how to embody those around, those of your court – they’re quite weak,” I said.

The grin that played on Seth’s face fell, “you knew? You learned to control magic without a teacher?” he asked, fear lacing itself inside him.

“I observed and then I did, I wanted and I got.”

Seth and Patricia would be perfect for each other, as I stood from the table, they both had the same looks on their face. And I turned to leave the room, and as I walked, I let the castle take me, I let the ways speed past me now. I had watched felt how Seth had controlled the walls and the floor, and now I entered the room where Nate had been taken.

Where he had been bathed and dressed, where he lay on a bed of black silk sheets. His scent dancing across the bed, beckoning me seductively.

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