Their Silver Moon

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Chapter 39 - Silver Moon Light

Seth Colton

I would be lying if I said I felt tricked, I felt cohered – like I’d taken a job I was too experienced for. But I refused to let Alice know how strong she was – at least to yet, not when she was with child.

Without doubt I knew she would become an incredible witch, that she would harness the power within her that flowed so naturally, that came so easily to her now. I wondered if she had been like this her whole life – or if it was new, if it was recent.

I watched as her and her husband walked about the grand hall – the lights dim – letting the silver moon light flood in through the large windows and skylights. It was beautiful architecture, I would give them that. But I wondered if she knew how the moonlight seemed to follow her through the rooms, bless her, to follow her into the shadows. I wondered if she knew, I wondered if Nathaniel had noticed or if he too was in the dark.

Her smile was infectious, and despite the face that Nathaniel wore, I knew that there was no where else he would rather be – than by her side. I was almost sorry for having tried to kill them both, to enact on the revenge of my kin. But if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have met my mate – I wouldn’t be able to teach the next more powerful being in history.

I wanted to be on the right side of this story in the future. Not the murder in a romance tale.

The black gown she wore flattered her flawlessly and the two of them looked like a matching set – dark and brooding, powerful and confident, the picture of endless, pure, love. Love. I let my eyes fish through the sea of people until they landed on my own mate, her ivory skin glowed and I adored the sweet curls of her hair, how the framed her face, how they made her look sweet, innocent, and attractive.

She turned from the conversation and met my gaze, her green eyes alight with life and she smiled at me, before turning back to the conversation. She was innocent compared to me, I’d lost count of so many things after a while – the lovers, the murders, the betrayals. Oh, how that would change.

Nathaniel cleared his throat as he stood ontop of the stage, Alice by his side and his arm wrapped loosely around her waist, “thank you for coming this evening,” he said as a silence fell across the room.

“Tonight, we have two special announcements, firstly, Alice and I are happy to announce we will be expecting our first two children,” he said, and he looked at her with all of the love in the world, as several cheers and hoots filled the room.

“Secondly,” he continued, “we have a rather large addition to the pack with the Coven of Colton joining our ranks,” he said giving me a nod as our eyes connected and love and joy fell as he looked at me.

I was the only person of my Coven present; they were all bound to me and by taking an oath to Nathaniel and Alice, to the Luna and Alpha, the connection would be made to my hundreds.

Several turned and looked at me as I loomed in the corner, allowing myself to blend with the shadows even in my human form. I stepped into the light and the crowd, they stepped away quickly – attune with their sense that told them to flee, to run, to cower, to fight for their life. As I made my way to the front of the room.

I knelt before him, lowering my head in respect – doing as Patricia had told me.

“Your name,” Nathaniel said, no inch of compassion in his voice.

“Lord Seth Victor Colson.”

He smirked, “do you Lord Seth Victor Colson, stand before me to pledge loyalty to this pack, on behalf of yourself and your Coven?” he asked.

“I do,”

“Do you and your people, swear to do what is best for the pack, to never harm, hurt or destroy, it’s people, it’s morals, it’s land?”

“I do,”

“Do you and your people, swear to never disobey, revolt or harm those who command and order on behalf of the pack?”

“I do,”

“Do you and your people, swear to hand over your lands to confine within the boundary of the pack, that this land with obey the same laws and rules as wolf and man, that it will be under the protection of guard and warrior.”

“I do,” I outstretched my hand and Nathaniel sliced into my hand mercilessly, cutting his own and clasping my hand.

The black of my blood melding with his red and it was an indescribable feeling – the power that washed over me, the freedom that seeped away in its place. But the most unexpected, was connection I suddenly felt with those around me, with Nathaniel. They became apart of my and my body, apart of my mind and what soul I might have left, I felt full of life.

“Congratulations, you and your people, are now a part of the Moon Pack,” he said as his eyes bore into mine, an unsaid promise on his face. I would have no second chances here, not his lifetime.

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