Their Silver Moon

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Chapter 40 - End

Alice Black

I awoke in the middle of the night, Nate’s breathing was still soft and steady, his body hunched over next to me with one arm buried beneath my pillow and his breath tickling the back of my neck. I had not awoken for any reason other than the fire that ran through my veins, the heat of being under the mountain of blankets that my mate and husband shared with me.

His body too warm, against my own.

For the first time in our life together, his warmth no longer soothed my cool skin but instead fanned the flames, which now ignited and danced across me. A thin film of sweat coated me and I threw the blankets back, and eased up off the bed. I ran a hand down my stomach and I looked at the swell that had grown in the recent months.

When I had found out, I was a shattered piece of glass, held together by tape. When Nate had found out, we appeared to have switched roles entirely and I was the one holding him together. But our child, our children, they seemed heal us.

I found myself opening the doors onto the balcony, letting a cool breeze fill the room and I felt it across my skin, as it washed away the nightmares and the tension, the heat, the pain. And as I looked out into the night sky, and the beautiful moon that looked back at me, I thought about the time in my life when I had dreaded the idea of this moment. I had feared it.

Yet, I was more human then. I was not a real werewolf. I had feared the ‘side effects’ of being pregnant, the sickness, the swelling, the pain, the discomfort. I had feared being a mother, that I would never be good enough, that my child would become as broken as I.

But the way his eyes sparkled, the way I knew he loved the children I carried, the way I knew he would care for our twins, with or without me, I knew that it would be okay. Every growth and pain was eased by the healing presence of my mate, every spurt of morning sickness was soothed by his calming touch, and every stretch mark seemed to fade with his kisses.

I only wished I could heal the scars he carried, in the same way he healed mine.

As the wind ripped the heat from my skin, cooling me, the bed behind me shifted and Nate’s arms wrapped around me, holding my stomach and lifting the weight – ever so slightly.

“Are you okay?” he asked, his nose running up and down my neck.

Leaning back into his embrace and the weight that had been lifted from my shoulders – and back, his body was no longer too warm, but just right. “Yes,” I replied, and he nibbled at the skin on my neck, “I’m alright.”

* * * * * * * * * *

Nathaniel rolled over in their bed, where Alice was embraced gently by the arms of sleep, her hair tousled lightly, and her skin now glowed with life and love. His green eyes scanned her face and sparkled as a wispy smile wired its way onto his face, as he looked lovingly at his mate, his wife, his Luna, and the mother of his children.

Planting his hand softly on her cheek, his ran his fingers into her silver hair and rested his forehead on her own, closing his eyes and inhaling her scent deeply, “I love you,” he whispered, the words soft, easy, and natural on his lips.

Alice shifted, as Nathaniel’s fingers ran down her face and she inhaled deeply as her hold of sleep loosed, “I know,” she breathed, and she turned over, nuzzling her body into Nathaniel’s hold.

His arms wrapped around her, carefully holding her waist and shoulders, nuzzling his head into the crook of her neck where his silver mark scarred her skin. Like a puzzle, their bodies clicked together and his black hair entwinned with her silver, his tanned skin moulded with her light freckled complexion, and they shared the same smile.

“I love you too,” she said softly, rubbing the back of her head against his jaw, the stubble on his face catching her hair and lightly scratching her head.

Alice’s eyes now fluttered open, and she looked across their room. The crib sat near the bed, the black fabric wrapped the frame and blocked the light from. Sleeping quietly wrapped in white lay their son, Angus, and daughter, Ava - a picture of health and perfection.

Author's Note:

1. Thank you all so much for reading Book Three: Their Silver Moon! You have no idea how much it has mean to me that I've had your support while writing these books so far this year.

2. Tell me what you thought of the ending! I knew I wanted Alice and Nate to have have twins since the very beginning, so I've been keeping a lid on this for like 6 months!

3. Do you want another book? I've seen a lot of people wanting to know more about Alice's power, do you want to know more about Seth and Patricia? do you want to know about Alice and Nate's kids when they're older?

4. Again, just thank you, shout out to those who have been there since the start when I first started writing, you guys mean the world to me. Plus, you should all get an award for getting through my grammar mistakes...

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