Their Silver Moon

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Chapter 06 - Lunch Date

Alice Forrest

I could feel a slight blush creep it’s way up my neck and onto cheeks, the way he undressed me with his eyes, the way he looked into my soul. The smirk that graced his perfect lips, ever so slightly, told me he was heavily amused by this situation,

“You’re not getting cold feet, are you?” I quipped.

His eyes sparkled and I knew that if it was the two of us, he might have laughed or smiled more. “Quite the contrary, I missed you so I thought I would take you out of lunch,” he purred, his voice calming my senses as it echoed around me.

“Is it that time of day already?” I sighed, looking at my watch.

“Actually, I missed you the minute I dropped you off,” he chuckled, “but I thought it would be unprofessional if I skipped out on work just to sit in the back of your classes.”

I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself, “alright then, just let me put this stuff back in my office and then we can have lunch,” I smiled.

“Let me help,” he offered, scooping up some of my belongings and heading towards my office.

I picked up my laptop and water bottle and looked at Christian, Joanne and her friend who stood, jaws on the floor and gawking at Nate and myself, “yes, we’re engaged,” I smiled.

* * * * * * * * * * *

He slammed me against the wall of the bathroom. We’d barely made it past ordering our food when he laced his fingers in mine and dragged me into the back of the restaurant, pulling me into one of the bathrooms and locking the door behind me.

A growl radiated from his chest, and he held my body, nibbling down my neck and sending waves of electricity through me as he kissed his mark, making my body melt and the burning lust for him grow. Redirecting his face, I pressed my lips firming against his and another deep growl reverberated from his chest as he hoisted me against the wall, his hands now holding my upper thighs as the floor disappeared from beneath me.

Before I knew it, before the reality had sunk it, our clothes had fallen to the floor as if they had never been put on properly. The rock-hard length attached to his abdomen, was now thrusting deeply into me mercilessly and I bit down on my lip in an attempt to control my screams. For with each thrust, came a surge of pleasure that loosened my lips and blurred my judgement.

His arms laced around my naked body as his thrusts quickened, bringing me closer to him and each drive now deeper, bringing me to heights that I had not experienced before. Every muscle in my body wanted to explode or contract, I was no longer sure, I wasn’t sure if I needed him to stop, or keep going.

And I gripped onto his back, clawing at his flesh as I climaxed, the sensation sending him over the edge as his deep thrusts within me stopped, his own muscles contracting, and I felt him filling me with his length and his seed.

“How was your morning?” he panted, as we finally loosed our grips on each other.

“It’s been a long day,” I admitted, “and now I feel like I could do with another shower.”

His eyebrow rose cockily as he pulled himself from the tangle of sweetly limbs and picked up my underwear, “why?” he asked, cocking his head and he slipped the black fabric up my legs, “do I make you feel dirty?” he purred, his voice seducing me as he slipped the underwear onto me.

He pressed his lips to mine, kissing me passionately as he slipped his tongue into my mouth. The fire inside me continued to burn as his fingers traced my jaw lightly, “yes,” I replied simply.

He chuckled, and stepped backwards, allowing me to slip off the bathroom vanity that I didn’t even remember getting onto, “You’re mine, and I want the whole world to know it,” he said, stepping into his pants and pulling them up and fastening the belt.

“Do you worry that someone will try to steal me away?” I asked, hugging him from behind and revelling in the warmth of his body.

Twisting around his cupped my face again and looked into my eyes, his own, burning with passion and love. The greens of his iris swirling in the electric light of the bathroom, “more than you know,” he purred.

He brushed my hair away from my face and I couldn’t help but drop my gaze – I had never, not once wondered what it was like for him to lose me. I carried my own fears and insecurities with me, but never in a million years did I think Nate was carrying his own fears with him.

“You leaked that we were engaged to the public, didn’t you?” I asked.

A wicked grin split across his face, and he leaned against the wall, his eyes wandering up my exposed body, “and what if I did?” he asked.

I sighed and picked up my own clothes off the ground, “some warning would have been nice at least.”

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