Their Silver Moon

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Chapter 08 - Green

Nathaniel Black

Her hair had been braided, from her hairline down to the tip, a dozen intricate braided platted her silvery-white hair as she sat on the floor of the living room, Patricia seated behind her – the one braiding her hair.

“What about this one?” she asked, lifting a magazine up and showing Pet something.

Pet’s face scrunched up and she shook her head, “no, that colour will wash Steph out too much,” she sighed.

“Okay, well what about the style then? It dose come in different colours,” she replied.

“Hi,” I smiled, leaning against the archway and looking at the two.

“Hi, how was the office,” Alice smirked, stretching out her arms and clasping her hands at me – requesting a hug.

I quickly obliged and sat down on the ground next to her, wrapping my arms around her and tucking her face into the crook of my neck, “exhausting, but happy to be home,” I admitted, “what have you two been up to?” I asked.

“Well I went to see your mother,” Alice mumbled, pulling her face out of my shoulder, “and she sent me home with wedding homework and a Pet.”

“Hey,” Patricia objected, a mock expression of hurt flashing on her face.

I chuckled as Alice grinned at her childishly, “Am I allowed to be here if you’re looking at wedding things?” I asked.

“We’re not looking at wedding dressed,” Alice laughed, “Your mum said to start with just choosing things I like, colours and locations.”

“What’s your favourite colour?” I said, propping myself up a bit, realising I didn’t even know.

Alice looked away from me, opening her mouth slowly, “green.”

“Green?” I asked.

“Because of your eyes.”

The smile tugged at my mouth, and I swooped down, embracing her tightly and kissed her neck, “you’re adorable.”

“On that note,” Pet said, standing up on the couch and stepping over us, “I’m going home, I don’t really want to watch,” she paused and gestured to us, “what ever this is.”

“It’s called love,” I chuckled, nuzzling at Alice.

“Well, I don’t really want to watch it, you two have fun.”

As Patricia left the room, I turned and pressed my lips viciously against Alice’s, letting my hand grip her hair and become entwinned with the braids that my sister had twisted into her hair. “Should we set a date?” I asked and I pulled my lips away from hers; still parted and her neck craned as she longed for my touch.

“Sure,” she breathed.

“Unless you just want to go down to city hall now,” I chuckled, running the length of her jawline with my finger.

She smiled and opened her eyes, looking up at me, “you’d deprive me of wearing an expensive white dress?” she said, raising an eyebrow and cocking her head.

“Never, so long as I get to help you out of it at the end of the night.”

“We might need to practice that part,” she purred.

Her comment made me smile and I pressed my lips back against my own, “How about in the Spring? April?”

Her comment made me smile and I pressed my lips back against my own, “How about in the Spring? April?”

“This April?” She asked, “or April in a year?”

I smiled, interlocking her hand with mine, tracing the smooth skin of her hands and softly kissing each of her fingers, lingering over the finger that donned the sparkling diamond. “I do not want to wait another moment, I would have married you the moment I met you, would you have had me.”

Her eyes softened and she leaned into my chest more, snuggling herself into my embrace, “I wish I never fought you, I wish I’d stayed and made every minute with you count,” she sighed.

I smiled and ran my fingers down her cheek, “we can’t do anything about the mistakes we made in the past, all I can do is apricate what I have now.”

The feeling of her body brushed against mine, it made my body, heart, mind, and soul feel complete. How she sat between my legs, felt nothing but right, like I had been formed by the spirits to embrace her, to warm her, to comfort her. The electricity that surged through my veins when I touched her, fuelled me to live another day.

“To me, you are the most important thing in this whole world Al,” I purred.

Author's Note:
Sorry about the delay in updating and the shortness of this chapter!

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