Lost Cause Love To Him

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Learning his heart was the most difficult thing for me in my life. I have never met a guy like him, who always works, not paying attention to love. Why was he like that? It was a whole mystery for both of us...

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Entering a New World

Again, as usual, I woke up in the morning. I thought about the dream I had in the evening, took a bath, got dressed and prepared breakfast. Just as I had breakfast, I got out of my villa, got into my Porsche Taycan car and drove to the university. As I came to the university, I parked the car and went to my department.

As I heard from the university gossipers while coming to the department, a new male student will come to our department this year. He was the son of the manager of one of the largest companies in the city where we live. This year we are the third course free. He studied in America for 2 years and came back here. What a stupid thing. If I were studying in America, I would never come back here.

When I arrived in my department, I went to the first lecture class I had to enter as I got my annual lecture notes from the professor. Everyone started to come one by one. Two minutes before the start of the lesson, a student came and sat next to me. Then the professor came. When the lesson was over, I went to the class where my second lesson would be, and left my belongings.

I went to the university cafeteria, grabbed something to eat, and sat down at one of the empty tables. I was hanging out on Instagram with the phone in my hand. When I received a notification on my phone, I entered the wish list. A user named @jiminpark95 sent a friend request. I agreed. Instant message arrived.

jiminpark95: Thank you for accepting my friendship.

kimcheonsa95: It doesn’t matter.

jiminpark95: why didn’t you face the lesson?

kimcheonsa95: oh, you’re that kid sitting next to me in the first lesson!

jiminpark95: yes. So you remembered?

kimcheonsa95: of course.

jiminpark95: Let’s take a look at the table opposite you now.

I looked up from the phone and looked at the table opposite me. The boy I knew as Jimin waved to me. When the notification came to my phone, I checked my phone.

jiminpark95: Come along.

kimcheonsa95: why am I coming? you come!

jiminpark95: ok.

He got up from the table opposite, came next to me and sat down. We were just going to start chatting when we remembered that we had to go to class and got up. We talked a little while going to class. The boy is very handsome and charismatic! He’s just as kind and gentle We warmed each other with him in 2 minutes. Since we studied the same section in the same year, we had the chance to spend the whole year together.

By the way, to talk about his physique, he has very well combed brown hair. There is also a pair of blue, ocean eyes. He has a tall and muscular build. So you get it, there are popular guys in every university, huh Jimin is one of them!

We attended all classes together. After the university he offered to go to the cafe, and I accepted. The offer of such a handsome one wouldn’t be turned down, babies!

We went to a very famous cafe in the area. We chatted a little bit there, too. For example, his birthday was on 13 October. Mine is October 6th. Just like me, he liked the color blue very much. He’s the only kid in the family. Actually, he had an older sister, but he never saw him and did not want to talk about him because he hated him. Then, huh, he would be the head of the company after he finished college. By the way, he has never had a girlfriend so far. I don’t know why he said that, but that is just an information!

I couldn’t sleep for the whole night becuase of our fight with Jade yesterday. It wasn’t actually a fight but...


Alex went on his own way. Then I went to Jade and Ayla’s house. They are my best friends. When I went and rang the bell, Jade opened the door.

Jade: Hello, Cheonsa! How are you? Come in, please!

Cheonsa: Hello Jade!

We went inside. A girl was sitting in the living room. It was... Lily! OMG! Why she is here?! Jade knew I hate her!

Cheonsa: Oh, Lily? You are here, too! Hello. Jade, where is Ayla? I can’t see her?

Lily: Hello, Cheonsa.

Jade: Cheonsa, please sit down. We were just talking about this and that! So tell, you are you? How was your day? Ayla hasn’t come yet. She will be here soon.

Cheonsa: Oh, ok. How can I be? I am just great! I am so happy that this is is my last year!

Jade: Yes, you must be. How as your day?

Lily: Jade! Did you hear the news?

Cheonsa: It was great and a boy came to our department this year. And we have already became friends.

Jade: Oh, tell me! I don’t know!

Lily: I heard she and Harry are dating!

Jade: Really?!

Cheonsa: And you know we can spend the whole year together! Even we went to a cafe and had some chat. He is so perfect!

Lily: Yes. And I wonder how Sarah is right now!

Jade: Oh, now I don’t know if I am sorry for Sarah, if I am happy for that girl?

Mia: Jade are you listening to me?

Jade: Of course, dear! And did you learn the girl’s name?

Lily: I don’t know remember clearly, but I think her name was Diana.

Cheonsa: And, you know? He came from America! And what is more, he would be the head of the company after he finished the university. Jade?

Jade: OMG! Ayla should hear these!

When I was talking myself and Jade and Lily were chatting, the door was opened and Ayla came inside.

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