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College girl turned shadow warrior in just one faithful encounter.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Another sleepless night....it was the third night now that I haven't slept and my eyelids felt as if they weighed a ton, maybe more but no matter how long I kept them closed I still couldn't fall asleep. This night in particular felt different. Something about tonight was just so much different from the other nights. It was as if I was being watched. I thought it was just in my head. It wasn't out of the ordinary for someone who hadn't slept three days straight to feel paranoid. In fact, I read it was normal so naturally, I closed my eyes trying my best to fall asleep. Not even a second passed by when I got that feeling again....that sickening fear of somebody watching me. I opened my eyes almost instantly, scanning every corner of my room for any form of life. There was nothing...or so I thought. I closed my eyes once more brushing away the sickening fear growing in the pit of my tummy. That's when I felt it....the shifting of weight at the far end of my bed. My eyes shot open instantly locking eyes with a pair of violet orbs.
"Forgive me, "the young man says sadly as his eyes began to glow an eerie red as he moved closer to me. I tried my best to move but I was frozen where I lay. I took a sharp intake of air as his hand pushed through into my chest. In less than a second, he held my glowing red heart in his palm. It was odd...there wasn't a drop of blood anywhere and my chest was completely fine. I did however feel his icy fingers around my heart. He looked at me with the saddest of eyes as he pulled out his own heart which was jet black in color.
"W-what the hell are you doing?" I managed to choke out.
"Something I have to," he replies regretfully as he presses his heart gently against mine. I watched as his blackness poured into my heart and I was filled with a feeling of pure darkness...an evil I've never felt before. My eyes shot open at the pain of his fist going through my chest once more. He had placed my heart back...why? I could move again. I sat up holding my chest confused. I stared at him.
"What'd you do to me?"I asked.
"I gave you my power," he replies.
"Why?"I asked knowing full well there was a catch somewhere along the line.
"Why?" he asks, "don't all humans seek power?" he asks
"Not this....dark...kind of power, "I reply in disgust," and why would you give this to me? You don't know me, man!"I snapped. My eyes widened at my behavior. Since when do I snap? He smiles at me sadly once more.
"I see you feel it in you," he says, "the darkness....forgive me," he bows sadly.
"Darkness? Just what the hell is going on, "I growl an odd animalistic one. I cover my mouth instantly in shock.
"It is a rare power found in a rare bloodline and now it's yours," he says.
"Why'd you give it to me and also you're not giving away much here, "I say.
"For as long as I have that power in me...my enemies will come after me and my loved ones...I refuse to let them live a life constantly looking over their shoulders," he explains, "and if we do have a child...then there's a chance it may pass on to him or her....and that's a chance I am not willing to take," he says.
"They?What so now that I have this crap they gon' come after my ass?"I freaked, "and so what if your kid gets it? What's the worst that gonna happen?"I asked.
"There could be a chance my child could succumb to the darkness....and then I would have to...kill him," he confesses. His words struck deep into my heart as I immediately realized that this could happen to me.
"What if...could this happen to me?" I asked fearfully.
"Yes," he says locking eyes with me, "But the oracle led me to you," he says hopefully," She said you have the ability to fight it...she said you're destined for greatness," he grinned.
"Dude, what are you on?"I said annoying and confused.
"Look if you survive without succumbing to the darkness then I won't kill you and you'll be fine I'll get some men to protect you against the evil ones," he says.
"Yeah like that helps, "I rolled my eyes, "How do I know if the darkness wins?"I ask.
"You'll know...but your wings will be a definite pointer..."
"Wing??"I asked in shock.
"Yeah would it be a bad thing to tell you that you know a damned one?" he asks nervously.
"I'm sorry what?"I asked.
"Well...I'm a fallen one...well the offspring of one...and because you now have my power you have become the damned one," he explains thoughtfully. I groan developing a headache. I was also suddenly very hungry," I will guide you the best I can but it best you keep this a secret," he says, "For now you should get some rest," he says before disappearing.

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