The Chronicle's of Life and Death

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Chapter 2 A failed reap

I walked the damp streets of London hidden by the fog and darkness of the night. I had been looking for my assigned reap as I was to escort her to wherever she was meant to go. She was a girl of 17 who worked at a bar not too far from where I had killed the blonde man.
"So tell me..."Sariel began softly, "what had the man meant?" he asked
"No clue, "I lied.
"If that were so, then why has it gotten you so agitated?" he asked.
"I'm always agitated," I replied
"Fair enough," he chuckled, "but I've never seen you react the way you did to that man's words before.In fact, you seemed to want to get rid of him almost immediately...and you did just that."
"Can you not!"I snapped, "let's just get this reap and go, "I added in annoyance.
"Somebody's extra pissy today, "Randall comments causing me to really re-evaluate my poor life...death decisions.
"Shut up! here she comes, "I snapped just as a thin girl with wavy brown hair stepped out of the back door of a bar. She looked highly distressed and very jumpy. It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that she was an addict suffering from a major comedown meaning she needed another hit of whatever she was on. I watched her as she pulled out a needle from her purse before injecting herself in the arm with it. I sighed tiredly knowing how her death would overdose. The souls of an addict were the easiest to reap as we could show ourselves to them knowing they would be too helpless to do anything about it and nobody would really believe a sweaty panicked addict screaming about a girl in a black cloak with a gigantic scythe in her hand. A small smile spread across my face as I was taken back to a memory from my past.
It was Halloween and our village always went all out to enjoy it. From stocking up on tons of candy for heavily costumed children all the way to the spooky decorations that filled their homes. I had been dressed as a warmage courtesy of my big brother Howl. I wasn't all that keen on going out trick or treating as I hadn't discovered my power yet and I felt like a freak looking the way I did but having no power to show for it. The worst part was that I'd always get grief about it from my father. He was a man who respected power and I had he wasn't much interested in me. I remembered sitting in my room that night in my warmage costume hearing a knock on my door. It was my sister...Life. She had the most amazing powers I'd ever seen so beautiful and amazing the things she could do. I remembered her coming into my room wearing a dark grey reapers costume. She'd told me with a massive grin on her face that her costume was inspired by was the same cloak I've been using all these years...
"Andy!"Sariel yelled bringing me back to the present.
"What"I hissed at him.
"She is going to die and you have not yet claimed her soul!" he shouted, "quick before she is lost to the silvers."
The mentioning of the silvers was enough to make me race over to the dying girl. I place my hand over her head searching for her soul. It was too late...she was already gone.
"Fuck, "I breathed out in frustration as I laid on my knees leaning my head against the cold concrete wall next to the dead girl's head....well, she was a lost girl now. Her soul would know no rest. If I had just been paying attention to her I would have been able to save her soul. She would have gone to heaven. She would have had an afterlife she deserved that was far better than what her life had been.
"I'm so sorry," I whispered even though I knew she would not hear me.
"Are you insane!"Randall yelled, "Do you know how fucked we all are now?"
"They're going to punish us for this," Sariel breathed closing his eyes in defeat.
"I know, "I sighed tiredly, "I am a terrible reaper, "I breathed.
"Simply because you are not meant to be a reaper, "Gajeel who was silent up until now said causing me to turn my head towards him without removing it from the wall, "you are death. The highest in the relm and entire universe. Stop being a coward and take your place," he said firmly.
"I can't, "I replied.
"You can't or you won't?" asked Sariel.
"I won't, "I replied, "We must go now. We've a punishment to accept."
"Shits sake, "Brigael groaned.

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