The Chronicle's of Life and Death

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Chapter 4 punishment for the heir

Just as Randall had said...the Shadow council had summoned us. We knew we were screwed and Brigael and Randall never missed the chance to constantly remind me that it was my fault.
I stood at the edge of the lake of shadows waiting for the council to make their entrance and announce my punishment. Whatever it was I would take it no matter how bad it would be. I watched as the blackness of the lake began to take shape as the council emerged from it's dark depts. There were 7 of them,faceless yet still very ugly...or maybe i just hated them too much.
"Too many times have we warned you,Death,"one of them said sourly pointing a black bony finger at me.
"It's Andy,"I growled hating the way he said my second name. They were always so pushy on the topic knowing full well I didn't want to be Death.
"Please don't make it worse,"Sariel mumbled.
"Your continuous disrespect and constant disobedience has tired us!"another council snapped.
"Unfortunately we are now obliged to punish you Andy,"came the softer voice of the shortest council member.
"Then do hurry up,"I mumbled
"You are to reap a young child..."
"Consider it done,"I interupted.
"You can pick up your reap info at head office,"he said. I could hear the the smirk in his voice.
"Ofcause,"I breathed feeling uneasy all of a sudden.
My chest felt tight as I was given an envelope with my reaps information. My palms were sweaty and hands shaky. I couldn't understand why I felt this way. I've had reaped so many children before and it never made me this nervous before so why now?
"Are you going to open it?"Sariel asked me. I nodding doing so. I looked at the picture of my reap almost choking at her familiar face. I felt sick. So this was their punishment.
"Those bastards,"I whimpered.
"What?"Randall asked me in confusion as my shadows moved closer to get a look at the picture in my hands.
"Do you know her?"Sariel asked
"Yes,"I gasped trying to control my emotions,"I raised her,"I breathed.
"You're a mother!"Brigael freaked.
"No idiot!"I snapped,"my sister and I found her when she was just a kid. She was so tiny and afraid all wrapped up in bandages. An odd looking child but still so god damn beautiful. I was the only one she didn't seem to be afraid of. She was the first child to ever not freak at my appearance,"I explained as my eyes filled with tears,"I can't kill her."
"You're not killing her Andy,"Brigael said with a serious voice,"you're just reaping her. Saving her soul before she is lost to the silvers."
"I can't do it,"I said,"how can I just sit and watch her die?I can't do it."
"It has to be done child,"Gajeel suddenly said,"it is your job as a reaper."
"If you fail to do this you will be punished far more worse than ever before. You may even be exiled to the land of the silvers,"he added.
"Then I've no choice,",I said in defeat,"I gotta reap Kidd."
"Seriously?"Brigael said,"you named her kid?My goodness,"he said in disbelief. I rolled my eyes at him. This wasn't the time for his dumb comments. I needed to figure out a way to master up enough strength to do what was needed. It just wasn't fair. I hadn't seen Kidd in decades and my first meeting with her couldn't be like this. I couldn't let that happen but what other choice did I have?

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