The Chronicle's of Life and Death

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Chapter 5 Life's struggles

Years have past now and I've grown from that person. Jessica never did tell me why they kept me in that room for almost 13 months straight. When they finally unlocked the door and moved me to another room, my limitations to parts of the castle were further restricted. I obliged but only because father had told me to be obedient. He told me that they knew what the were doing and that they've dealt with my kind before. At the time, I woke most nights feeling as if the power surging through me was going to make me explode. I remember my body shaking, the sweat rolling down my forehead and a mixture of panic and fear clouding my mind. Tears of relief escaped my eyes when my mother rushed through my bedroom doors and placed her hands on my face.
"Shh. It's okay life, calm down." Was what she said every time. I held her wrist and looked into her eyes. Her pulse calmed me and as I calmed, so did she. I hated doing that to her. So as I grew older, even though the pain got worse, I was silent. I transported myself to the third floor of our home and fell to my knees. Clenching my teeth, I dug my nails into the side of my thigh muscles each time hoping that the pain of the incision would over power what was happening inside me. For a while it was working until my father somehow found out, that's how I ended up at the Castle.

"Life." He called out bringing my attention back to the present.
"Yes?" I asked picking at the feathers of my wings as I sat on the windowsill.
"Didn't you hear me knock?" He asked.
"Obviously I did but don't you know what it means when I don't answer?" I reply.
"The same routine everyday Miss Pendragon..." he began.
"And yet you still haven't gotten the jest." I interrupted.
"Have you found her, Leo?" I asked, my expression much more serious than it was 5 seconds ago.
"No Miss Pendragon." He replies.
"Keep searching." I order.
"Yes Miss. Miss Pendragon, there is something that requires your attention..." he says.
"What is it?" I ask stepping down and walking to him.
"You will have to tend to it in person miss" he replies apologetically.
"Alright. I'll meet you downstairs." I say turning on my heel and heading to my closet.
"Yes miss" he says walking out my door and shutting it behind him.
I slip on a pair of blue jeans and retract my wings. I search for my white V-neck tee and a denim jacket hoodie. Heading downstairs, I find Leo at the bottom of the stairs ready to go.
"Shall we?" I ask
"Yes miss" he replies. Leo informs me that were heading to the Golden gate bridge and so that's were I take us. It's a short walk to where she is thus Leo informs me of what's happening.
"She's about to jump." He says
"Why?" I ask climbing over a steal slab.
"She was diagnosed with depression yesterday. She's suicidal too. She has family miss but no one really pays her any attention. She's a loner miss and it's taken it's toll." He explains.
"But she needs to live." I say and then I remember my sister- Death. How strange for two people who share the same blood be such opposites.

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