The Chronicle's of Life and Death

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Chapter 6 Deaths Kidd

I had no clue where Kidd was and I could only assume she was either moving around alot or worst case scenario,she was still with my sister. Oh how was I to end the very child who gave colour to my world? I remember the day we found her hiding under the table of an ice cream store. She was all covered in bandages that were so dirty with blood and mud yet she still looked so beautiful. I remember how she trembled when anyone got too close to her...anyone except me. She'd won my heart at that very moment and i knew right then that I'd do anything to protect keep her happy. I remember taking her home with us. She never spoke a word until I had to give her a bath. When I began unwrapping her bandages she burst into tears uttering a word that brought me to my knees. She had called herself a freak. I couldn't understand why until she took off her bandages revealing her true self to me. She was even more beautiful if possible and I told her so in awe. She had revealed two of the most cutest cat like ears and an adorable looking tail. So she was part cat...or somthing,so what?she was and still is the most adorable little creature I'd ever come across. My favourite part of that day was when she'd fallen asleep.
"Come on Kidd. There's someone I'd like you to meet,"I said with a smirk on my face as I lead her to my best friend Florence's room. I pushed the door slightly open taking a peek in only to find Florence asleep face down on his bed. I grinned widely as I lead her in until we stopped at the side of his bed. His messy pale hair was spread across his pillow and his leg and arm dangled from the bed. Just as I was about to topple his bed over he spoke in a muffled voice.
"Whatever you plan on doing ,don't,"he said,voice muffled through his pillow.
"Accusing me so blindly,"I sighed causing him to turn his head towards me.
"I can only assume the worst when it comes to you,"he replied sleepily,"so who the kid?"he asked.
"Kid I'd like you to meet the most laziest,most greediest not to mention most moodiest fluff ball ever to walk this earth... Florence,"I introduced dramatically. I'd expected her to laugh like a normal child would but she wasn't a normal she didn't. Instead she just yawned sleepily reaching out her hands to Florence's messy hair pulling his bangs. Brave little one she is.
"Hey let go of that,"Florence growled painfully,"that is not a toy."
"Nice....fluffy,"she said sleepily.
"Ok bed time kiddo,"I smiled lifting her into the bed,"Florence lets go..."I was interupted by her grabbing my hand. I guessed she didn't want me to leave so I scooped her up in my arms rocking her gently as I stood near the window. I stared at her as she slept. Her face looked much more peaceful then before.
"Where'd she come from?"Florence asked me.
"We found her at an ice cream shop,"I answered,"we've no clue where she came from."
"How long will she stay?"he asked resting his chin on my shoulder as he held me and the child from behind. We swayed gently as we stared at her. I felt so at peace.
"What will we name her?"I whispered.
"How about...Kidd?"he suggested after a long pause
"I like that...Kidd,"I smiled

And just like that I knew where she was. There was no doubt in my mind that she was with Florence. The first place I could check would be our home in Domino City. Hopefully they were still there... hopefully not.
"We leave for Domino City in the morning,"I said.
"Why there?"Randall asked moodily
"Dont question me shadow,"I snapped causing them to stare at me in what I could only assume was shock as I've never called them that before. Well not to their faceless faces anyway.

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