The Chronicle's of Life and Death

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Chapter 7 Life

I walked up to her stealthily. She was shocked to see me but she never uttered a word. She stood there, returning her gaze to the water below us. I could feel her fear but I also feel how panicked and broken she was.
"What's your name?" I ask. I feel her gaze on me and then back to the water below us.
"It doesn't matter." She says. It's barely a whisper. Her fists are clutched where they dangle at her sides.
"On the contrary... It does." I reply squatting and then sitting down where I stood, legs dangling against the cold breeze.
"Faith." She says after a beat. "My name is faith. " she continues a bit more clearly.
"Why are you here Faith?" I ask sitting back, leaning against a bar.
"This is all pointless. " she replies anguished. At first I think she's talking about our conversation but then I see the tears welling in her eyes and I'm certain she's talking about her life.
"Nothing that has happened, is
happening or going to happen is pointless faith. " I say plainly. I know I should be more emotional where my line of work is concerned but at the time... It was all I could manage.
"Faith. Take a seat. " I say.
"No! Just go away!" She says fighting her sobs.
"Faith. The water isn't going anywhere. Take a seat. Now. " I say firmly. She doesn't budge.
"I am familiar with your sorrows. I bare them too. Not because we share the same path or face the same challenges but because you are my dearest. There will be times where your pain will be to much to bare and you lose faith in all those who said they'll be there but my dearest, you are a child of The Holy trinity. You. Are. Invincible." I quote to her. She falls to her knees sobbing into her palms, remembering her mother's letter to her before she had died.
"I just. Can't. Do it anymore." She emphasises through clenched teeth.
"Who says so Faith?" I ask her.
"Who says that you're weak? That you are incapable?.." it's then that I feel that fire build up inside of me.
"You are here. Alive and breathing. If you were meant to die you would have Faith. Who are you to decide that you aren't capable. That you aren't strong enough? You know nothing. Absolutely nothing because if you did then you would have known that if you are strong enough to over come loss... you've already done the hardest part of life. Live. Not because it's what you are meant to do but because of the impact you can make. You don't seem to realise that you aren't put on this earth for absolutely no reason at all. You're here for something, to win, to teach, to stand testament, to over come, to create and open doors and to make a difference! How can you do any of that if you're dead?" I ask furiously. She sobs even louder. The kind of sob that tells me she's going to be just fine. I transport myself away from her just in time for her brother to come running across the horizontal pillar.

"Miss Pendragon..." Leo calls out walking behind me.
"Yes Leo?" I ask turning to face him.
"We have a lead." He says.
" Domino city " he replies.
"We're deploying a unit..." he begins.
"No." I interrupt.
"But Miss..." He questions.
"I'll handle it myself Leo. There's no need." I tell him.
"Yes Miss. Shall I ready your bags?" He asks.
"Yes. I'll leave right away. You can bring them along later." I instruct preparing myself to transport myself again.
"Please excuse my interference Miss Pendragon... but wouldn't you rather take your car?" He asked
"That may come in handy..." I think to myself. So we leave for home and as Leo packs my bags, I take a look at the condition of my car. No one ever touches her. I hadn't driven for years but I had made sure to personally clean every bolt, nut and tool that she consisted off. I was all set. Next stop... Domino city

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