The Chronicle's of Life and Death

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Chapter 8 Death

It was dark when I reached Domino city. Nothing much has changed here. The streets always so damn dark and deserted just the way I liked it. Domino city was built just outside of our fallen village. It was like a tribute to those who fell or something. As for the actual village,well nobody really goes there much...or at all. Apparently 'death' hangs around there ready to snatch away any unwanted trespasser. I chuckled to myself at the thought.
"What's so funny freak?"Randal asked as he glared at my dark smirk. We were at the entrance of the thick forest that lead to my fallen village.
"Yeah what's with the freaky look?"Brigael asked.
"You know it's said that death wonders the ruins of the old flame village waiting to snatch away the souls of unwanted visitors,"I said in amusement.
"I don't do well with king Demetre,"Brigael said nervously.
"Please,that old geezer would never hang around there,"I said rolling my eyes as I made my way through the entrance causing waves of red and gold static to appear around me.
"What the hell is this?"Randall yelled in pain.
"Andy..."Sariel struggled painfully,"what's going...on?"
"I dont think youre welcomed here,"I said in bewilderment as I stepped away from the entrance,"looks like I'm going in alone boys,"I chuckled
"The spirits of your fallen people are rasists!"Brigael yelled in annoyance causing me to roll my eyes.
"I'm not letting you go in alone,"Sariel said softly moving towards me.
"What else choice do we have Sariel? The village doesn't want you boys in there and I don't have the power to protect you from their spiritual power,"I explained.
"Andy?"Sariel asked.
"If it is not Demetre who dwells in those ruins then who?"Sariel asks.
"No clue but I'll find out pretty soon,"I shrugged.
"I've a bad feeling about this,"Brigael shivered
"Me too,"I breathed as I walked through the barrier entering the thick Forrest. It didn't take me that long to reach the entrance of my fallen village. I could hear the faint whispers of all the lost souls of those who fell that day. The ground which was once filled with lush greenery now cracked and dry with tomb stones all around. Damn this place had really gone to shit real fast.i paused upon hearing the soft thumping of feet on the dry ground. I spotted the little figured just a few yards away from me in a dark robe holding out a lantern in one hand and a sythe in the other. Damn no wonder everyone thought death hung around here. Glowing yellow eyes fixed on me as I walked closer to her only stopping till there were four graves between us.
"You've returned,"she wispered as a gentle breeze blew strands of red hair onto her face.
"Evidently,"I replied emotionlessly.
"For good?"she asked.
"Probably not,"I replied.
"Why are you here then?"
"For you,"i replied as my throat began to dry up. There was a silence before she fully understood why I was here for her.
"You're here to kill me,"she scoffed causing me to nod. It was all I could manage anyway,"then so be it,"she replied as she dropped to her knees
"You own my you may take it at your will,"she said. I stood there for what felt like hours contemplating my next move. Could I really kill the child I grew to love so dearly?
"What are you waiting for?"she asked.
"Since when are you so adamant on dying?"I asked trying to buy myself some time.
"Dying,no"she chuckled sadly as her eyes pooled with tears.
"Then?"I asked raising ban eyebrow.
"We both know I do not belong in the heavens not the underworld..."she began. I sighed finally understanding her motives.
"You go to the shadow world..." I said softly as I chuckled dryly.
"And then I become your shadow for all eternity and beyond,"she smiled.
"That's never going to happen."
"Why not?"
"Coz there's no way I'll let you die before me,"I rolled my eyes.
"What's that supposed to mean?"
"I'll protect you till my last breath little kitten..."I replied,"which will be sooner than fortunately for me,"I muttered under my breath.

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